Advantages of Using Nextcloud for Small Business

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Everyone is going into the cloud, but you should be wary of public clouds if you deal with sensitive data.Small and medium businesses are encountering problems with data security when hosting their servers in the public cloud.The amount of data we get in today’s digital marketplace is ever increasing. This makes security of utmost concern.

Nextcloud is an open source software that gives SMBs a reliable and secure data exchange solution.It is a great alternative to Dropbox especially for data security and safety.

At Pegas Technology Solutions, we provide open source solutions for file sharing and more.We give the best consulting and support services for Nextcloud. Our team of experts take care and maintain your Nextcloud application, including update management, monitoring, backups, security, and tech support.

You can choose if you will host Nextcloud on your own server or in ours. If it were up to us, we would recommend that you leave all the tasks of maintaining a server to us for a more stable and secure Nextcloud experience. Here are the advantages of using Nextcloud for your small and medium enterprise.

1. Easy access to data

With Nextcloud you get greater connectivity with access to the platform from anywhere and from a variety of devices like your desktop or mobile.

Collaboration between team members has never been this easy and with an easy to use web interface, you’ll notice productivity growing in no time.

Your team can collaborate with Office documents unlike other open source software similar to Nextcloud.

2. Top Notch Security

Cybercrime has been rising at a fast rate nowadays. With Nextcloud you don’t have to worry about security as you get end to end (E2EE) encrypted data. Files are encrypted on your end before you upload to the cloud. They can only be decrypted on apps in which you have the key.

If you enjoyed working with Dropbox or Google Drive, you now have an alternative that gives you complete control over where and how your files are stored, giving you a more secure environment for your sensitive data.

The only people who can read the data or messages are those communicating with each other. The software also mitigates eavesdroppers which includes your service provider.

3. Collaborate in Real Time

Nextcloud is a modern cloud platform that enables real time notifications and comments across devices including mobile. You can collaborate and edit documents with ease. It also gives you an easy transition to audio or video call and chat. Users can take notes while on a video call and work on office documents seamlessly with team members.

4. Ease of Use

Whether you choose to host your Nextcloud software or go for a service provider, the software is easy to use. It can work across multiple devices and platforms. Out of the box Nextcloud includes features like browser based email client, shared contacts and calendars.

Satisfied users estimate that Nextcloud offer around 90% of what Google Drive can offer including cloud storage, document editing, video and chat collaboration, password and bookmark backups, and note keeping to name a few. Overall installation and deployment if Nextcloud is simple and straightforward. For Linux users, you’ll feel right at home.

5. Added Storage Space

Small and medium businesses deal with tons of data nowadays. The good news is you don’t have to waste valuable storage space on your hardware because you can now store all your documents and media in the cloud.

More and more organizations are moving from local storage to a remote server based storage known as the cloud. Cloud storage is ideal when you want to access data instantly. As long as you have internet access you can, you are good to go.

The only question now is can you really trust all your sensitive data to third party providers like Google Drive or Dropbox? Why not host your own Nextcloud instance on your own server for your peace of mind.

If hosting Nextcloud on site is not for you, we can provide hosting and maintenance services that are safe and secure. You pay a fixed monthly amount depending on the features that you require. Our team can provide 24/7 monitoring so that your IT staff will be relieved of the added burden of maintenance.

Are you ready to migrate to the Cloud? Give us a call or send us a message on our website. We will be glad to discuss our hosting and managed application packages that would fit your budget and requirements.

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