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ERPNext Consulting and Development Services. A Cost-Effective, Full Featured, Open Source ERP Designed For SMB Businesses.

Say goodbye to ineffective processes and increase productivity by organizing your systems. To gain a competitive advantage, you need Pegas Technology Solutions by your side as your Pegas Technology Solutions Consultant.

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Pegas Offers Expert ERPNext Consulting & Development Services; Ensuring Key Stakeholders are involved with the Open Source ERP Implementation and Providing a Rapid ROI

ERPNext is a very comprehensive and affordable ERP solution containing fully featured modules that promote optimal business management planning, budgeting, inventory, supply management, accounting, and human resources. These tools are easy to use and are very flexible in their potential uses. It is designed around bringing large company technology to small (1-100 employees) and mid-sized business (100-1000 employees).

ERPNext was originally designed for manufacturers to allow for a complex multi-level bill of materials and production planning. Some of the apps include financial accounting, inventory management, manufacturing management, sales, and CRM, purchasing or SRM, human resource management (HRM), customer support and maintenance, projects and time tracking, and a website builder plus content management.

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How ERPNext Can Help Your Business.


Bill your customers and record Supplier’s Invoices. Manage pre and post payments, track pending ones and provide Credit Notes. Manage recurring invoices, and restrict approval based on amount.


Track opportunities, prepare Quotations, and record orders and shipments. Communicate with customers via email, or send newsletters. Distribute commission to a sales partner or team.

Reporting Engine

View reports like balance sheet, profit and loss, sales and purchase register, project gantt chart, Item-wise purchase history, customer acquisition and loyalty, and many more.

Buying And Inventory

Automatically raise material requests, send purchase orders to suppliers, and record purchase receipts. Track inventory levels per warehouse and make required corrections on manual inspection.

Point Of Sale

Has touch-friendly Point of Sales interface which is linked to billing, payments, and Inventory.The POS feature also works offline and syncs when you have an internet connection.

Projects Management

Define and allocate tasks for projects and make time log entries for work done against tasks. Track orders, invoices and inventory against projects, and bill your customers using time logs.

Website And Shopping Cart

Generate and easily maintain your company’s website with your product catalog, shopping cart, customer portal, blog and contact form. Track visits to your website by plugging in google analytics.


Plan your production and material requirements using production planning tool. Make production schedule based on workstation availability. Use hierarchical bill of materials and costing.


Add custom fields, write custom scripts to modify behavior, hide non-required fields and features, design your own print formats or we can develop entire new modules.

Successful Implementation of Pegas Technology Solutions with Pegas Technology Solutions is easy as 1,2,3.

1. Analysis

We analyze current system/ processes and look for places of improvement. After the analysis, we will make a roadmap of all your system requirements for implementation.

2. Implementation

We work with you to create a tailored system that will maximize your investment and enable seamless integration of existing data while meeting the specific needs of your business.

3. Training and Support

We provide ongoing training and support for your entire company. We cover it all providing our clients with the knowledge to run their systems for maximum business success.

Complete & Affordable ERP Solution

ERPNext Consulting

Our ERPNext consultants are masters of Business Process Implementation, Business Process Mapping, and BPR Alignment. We Design, and Execute development Plans.

ERPNext Third-Party Integration

I am scaling ERPNext, ERP, and Digital platforms via integrations with third parties.

ERPNext Implementation

Our cutting-edge ERPNext Implementation practice focuses on managing the structure and behavior of all doctypes, reports, and dashboards.

Mobile Application using ERPNext

Essential ERP functions are displayed on a screen that is simple to use, access, and operate.

ERPNext Development

Our development team will provide best practice development practices designed to meet all of our client's business difficulties and objectives.

ERPNext + Woocommerce

Secure, Scalable, and Quick E-Commerce Store with ERPnext and Woocommerce.

Why You Should Choose ERPNext!


ERPNext has been designed with customization in mind. They system and be integrated with almost any software that your business currently employs thought an API interface or database queries. The software is used in most major industries.

Easy To Use

ERPNext is easy for anyone to use, allowing for any of your employees to use the software. The software and run on any device that supports a web bower, while still coming with mobile apps so you can always have access to your information on the go.

It's Open Source

ERPNext is an on open source ERP solution that is released under the GPL v3. This allows for your business to deploy and customize the software with your process and workflow without paying costly licensing fees that comes with proprietary software.

Get Started with an Open Source ERP Today

Discover how an Open Source ERP by Pegas can help your company improve efficiency, increase sales, increase customer satisfaction, improve reporting, and gain insight into your data. Outperform your competitors with custom open source Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) Software.

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ERPNext An Open Source ERP

Accelerate your growth through a modular and scalable approach

Using open source software has seen a huge increase in coverage the last few year. IT allows business attain enterprise level software without the cost of a license. Open source ERP systems are no exception to this, ERPNext is a mature product that is able to address any complex business’s needs.

Discover how ERPNext can increase your efficiency and why it can be best for your business to select an open source ERP.

An Agile ERP To Fit Your Needs

We offer an easy to customize a solution that will allow you to adjust and grow rapidly, allowing you to take advantage and give you a competence edge in evolving markets. ERPNext is fully configurable and customizable, easily adjusting to your business processes and procedures while avoiding the high cost of development and licenses.

Save on the cost of license costs

Being an open source ERP there is no license cost in obtaining and customizing the software. You can find the code on GitHub. This allows you to adopt the software enterprise-wide vs a single department. Using ERPNext gives your business a lower total cost of ownership of leveraging the software for your business.

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What Is Open Source Software?

This is software that publishes their source code publicly, freely accessible to anyone. The software can be studied, modified and distributed, often free of charge. ERPNext is licensed under the GNU GPL license, which allows for you to distribute and modify the code, providing that you publish the code that the same license and that you keep the copyright intact.

A longtime ERP solution for your Business

By using open source software, you have complete access to the source code and remain on control of your ERP lifecycle. Being based on open source technology the software allows for your business to be sustainable over the long term. We plan to always be here but open source software allows you to be in control of your own future and not based on any decision we make. We offer a large ecosystem and community of developers and end-users.

FAQ For ERPNext Consulting

Are you a business owner looking for an ERPNext consultant? Not sure where to start? Check out our FAQ below to help guide you through the process. Finding the right consultant is crucial to ensuring the success of your ERPNext implementation, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

At Pegas Technology Solutions, we deliver end-to-end ERPNext Consulting services regarding user experience and digital transformation. Our goal is to help companies realize their vision of creating a world-class digital experience. We offer custom solutions, implementations, training services, consultant assistance, and software development tailored to your company’s needs. Our team of experts is highly experienced in ERP systems, workflows, and operations management so you can count on us for support at every step.

Working with a consultant versed in ERPNext systems can be a huge asset for your business. Pegas Technology Solutions offers an experienced consultant who provides knowledge, honed skills, and valuable insight that can help a company implement an ERP system quickly and efficiently. Moreover, our consultants can advise on optimizing the system’s use with expert know-how and industry best practices. Working with an ERPNext consultant also allows businesses to save time and resources by drawing on a comprehensive understanding of the system for future advice, support, training, and improvements. All these advantages make working with an ERPNext consultant an intelligent choice for businesses looking for success in this challenging environment.

Pegas Technology Solutions can provide a flexible and tailored solution for any business, small or large. However, the cost of such services varies widely depending on the size and complexity of the project. Whether you’re looking for implementation support or consultation from experienced professionals, it’s essential to factor up-front costs into your budget. Many consultants offer a free initial consultation to discuss goals and identify an estimated cost based on the requirements outlined – take advantage of this service to ensure you get value for your money!

Many factors affect how long it takes to implement ERPNext Consulting services. Generally, the more complex the business and its requirements, the longer it will take to implement the consulting service. However, when working with Pegas Technology Solutions, you can rest assured that your project will be completed efficiently and effectively within a reasonable timeframe. Every effort is made to ensure that goals are achieved quickly so you don’t have to wait for improved efficiency or increased productivity in your business. With Pegas Technology Solutions ERPNext Consulting Services providing real-time analysis of every step of the process and expertise in customization, businesses of any size can rest easy knowing that their implementation is in good hands.

We love to show potential clients the power of an effective and well-structured ERP system. Our experienced consultants are happy to guide you through all that we offer and answer any questions you may have about working together. Let us give you a free trial or demonstration to help you understand why we believe ERPNext is the perfect choice for businesses like yours. Rally with us today and get your business up and running efficiently!

Are you wondering if ERPNext consulting is right for you? Consulting services can give your business the push to implement ERPNext successfully. With the help of an expert, you can avoid common mistakes, save time and money on your project, and get customized support for your unique business requirements. You are wondering out to us today – we offer free demonstrations of our services so that you can see how we can help take your business to the next level.

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