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Managed Microsoft Office 365. Increase Productivity, Increase Accessibility, and Stay Up To Date.

Pegas Connect assists you in getting the most out of Office 365 while minimizing time spent browsing the application and its numerous features.

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Pegas Offers Expert Microsoft Office 365 Consulting Services; Ensuring Key Stakeholders are involved with the Enterprise Cloud Hosted E-mail Implementation and Providing a Rapid ROI

We’ll provide your employees with access to all of Microsoft’s Office products, from the fundamentals such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to the more advanced ones like Yammer, SharePoint, and Teams. ur professionals will guide you and your team through the setup and configuration process and provide continuous support. Your business activities will remain unaffected when Pegas Connect manages Office 365.

  • Updated to include the most recent versions and tools.
  • Centralized and properly licensed among users.
  • Compatible with your favorite programs to facilitate collaboration.
  • Compliant with applicable data privacy laws.

Managed Office 365

  • Team Collaboration
    Microsoft Teams is the collaborative hub of the future. Teams combine people, content, and tools to assist businesses in increasing productivity through better communication. Teams allow employees by providing virtual whiteboards in meetings and facilitating contact with external users (clients or external freelancers/ contractors).
  • Create Automated Workflows
    Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Flow) allows employees to develop and automate workflows in a no- or low-code environment using various applications and services. Configure approval alerts, collect and track data, and manage your business’s social media accounts.
  • Document Collaboration
    Microsoft Office 365 includes all of the features for collaborative document authoring across several Office online products such as Word and PowerPoint. Send a file to Teams and collaborate with other team members while on the go.
  • Intergrated Software Suite
    Have you dealt with a firm that employed a single email provider like G-Suite, a single online meeting service (Zoom), and a third for internal communication (Slack)? Microsoft has transformed the modern productivity suite.

Your Office Apps, To Go…. Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office is a tool your business needs but it can be expensive. In recent years annual subscriptions to Microsoft office have made it more affordable. Through Pegas Technology Solutions Inc., you can make monthly payments for Microsoft Office 365. Pay only for the software you need and for a monthly flat rate.

File collaboration between users on all devices

From your computer to your smartphone and tablet, Microsoft Office 365 integration with cloud services allows you to save your work online and pick it up immediately on another device. Even the best of us can be forgetful at times. With cloud-integrated Microsoft Office 365, you can jump from device to device and keep your workflow moving.

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Your favorite Microsoft Office apps are available in the cloud

The Microsoft Office productivity Suite features Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, a team SharePoint site, and video and screen sharing. By taking advantage of the cloud, your work on all of these applications is automatically saved and backed up, providing you with peace of mind as your work is redundantly saved.

The cloud lets all team members comment and share projects to improve communication.

Your business can benefit from adding cloud-based Office 365 by Microsoft. Since your teams can share files, collaborate on documents, and communicate on projects using cloud technology. Microsoft makes this possible thanks to an integration with Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync into office 365, giving you a robust communication system to go with Pegas ERP, DMS, or HRM systems.

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