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Pegas Offers Expert Website Design For Lead Generation and Management Services. Websites built for you, with you, in real-time. Unleash the Power of WordPress to Your Business

Connecting with customers is essential to every business. This process, however, should be kept as simple as possible. Whether you are attempt to connect with customers who do not recognize their need yet for your product or service, or follow-up with already interested prospects, lead generation is for your business. Our demand generation campaigns can help you raise your customers’ product awareness as well as generate more leads for your business.

There are several connection levels of a given prospect’s position in the buying process, with the first level being a qualified and valuable buyer. Tell us which connection level you are aiming for, and we will send to you, guaranteed. Unlike other lead generation services, we will not limit your program’s success by selling you uni-dimensional marketing campaigns or a series of email blasts. Instead, we work with you to determine the ideal level for your connections, then we run the marketing plays we have proven to be successful in generating that exact type of lead.

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We Help With..

  • Lead generation
  • Demand generation services
  • Organic search
  • Social media
  • Paid ads / Display
  • Telemarketing
  • Email marketing
  • Collect valuable data about your users
  • Improve marketing strategies
  • Better targeting
  • Supercharge traffic
  • Build marketing database

Some of the features of an effective lead-generating website include:

Corporate Websites

Your website needs call to actions that are easy to see and concise about what you want the customer to do next. While this is simple it is often overlooked by many professional designers and business owner.

Use Negative Space

Use white space to your advantage by leaving some of it as is. Give the call to action button, your images, and you’re content a bit of breathing room to increase conversion rates.

Integrated Forms

Adding forms to each page and ensuring they are easily accessible is essential to increasing genuine leads through the site. Asking for less info will increase customers’ likelihood of filling out the form.

Design for Lead Generation

This will define your analytics and testing to know what actions you want users to make when going through phases of your sales channel

Build Trust

Using video, audio, or pictures for testimonials can be an effective marketing tool. Solid testimonials could bring a strong effect and can often effect if the visitor coverts into a paying customer.

Use Videos

Speaking to the user and not at the user is more likely to convert them as these videos link the gap between offline and online commerce.

How We Do It


We start with ads that go into our lead generation system. These ads can be provided by you or we can provide targeted ads to your audience. We can support mobile ads, desktop ads, even text ads that are placed on traditional ads like TV, sponsorships, stadiums, bus stops, magazine ads, whatever they may be. Each ad is tagged independently, and they move into our system and then redirected to the appropriate landing page.

Landing Page

The landing page is where the offer is made, that has been promoted through the ad. The offer that we found that works best is a simple quote to a product or service in your system. So, the user looks looks at the landing page, fills out the appropriate information, and immediately gets back their quote with information they need, with assumption that may go along with that. From there, they are sent an email that shows their quote and the next steps to take to move forward


There is also an optional to-drip email (or two-drip) email system that we can apply that can send two more emails that have unique content associated to your products and services in the system. They can go out two days later, and another twelve days from that. Leads are automatically sent into your lead generation team through email, or for an optional amount, we can also attach this automatically to your CRM system like suitecrm


Every month, you will see leads come in and reporting. We can do monthly reporting or weekly reporting – depending on your desire. Each ad is uniquely identified with the number of leads per week. So our systems ends up being an automated lead generation system that supports traditional and digital ads, branded with your brand throughout, weekly or monthly reporting with engagements being tracked, no-long term contract (which means, you can cancel the agreement with a 60-days’ notice).

Frequently Asked Questions On Lead Generation

Lead Generation is how you find or attract potential customers for your business.

A prospect is a person, business, or any entity that has not yet been reached by the sales and marketing team. A lead is someone who has already been contacted through a sign-up form and have given their details in exchange for valuable assets or information. A qualified sales lead is a qualified prospect who has met all criteria that have been defined before the start of the lead generation campaign. The process of converting consumer inquiry into sales is called lead generation.

In lead generation, an appointment is a qualified lead or customer who signed up for a form or any trial in exchange of their information. Examples of an appointment are a free trial or a free consultation that qualified lead has signed up to. A qualified appointment is a prospect with an interest in your product or services and has agreed to have a phone or face-to-face meeting with your business’ representatives. Anyone who avails an appointment can decide to convert.

An advantage to telemarketing is that we can regularly track and monitor your ROI from our results. We will always ensure that you get what you pay for. Our previous clients could attest to that.

We primarily use the telephone to generate leads. This is an effective way to market your products and services and generate sales across the globe.

However, our tools do not end there. We also make use of marketing automation through email marketing and other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to generate qualified leads for your business.

To earn huge profit from sales and services, any company should remain visible to buyers and should reach out to look for them. This is also important to know what buyers’ preferences are.

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