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Pegas Technology Solutions has worked and supported business all over the country in many industries. We build and maintains solutions that solve our client’s technological needs. We help you utilize many different solutions and services that will eliminate double-entry, decentralized data and give you a 360 view of your entire business.

A Maine-based end-to-end IT Company offering Managed IT Services, Business Solutions, Web Design and Development and a range of technology-related services.

We are an End-to-End IT company based in the State of Maine that supports small to medium-sized business. At the same time, we work with large enterprises with deployments that their internal information technology department doesn’t have the experience to launch and support. We have worked for businesses across a wide range of industries, and are excited to take on the new challenges. All businesses are unique, in the way that they operate, how they support their customers, their culture, and the process and workflows that make up their daily operations. That is the main reason that we deploy open source solutions for our customers. Not only is the software more affordable, providing a better return on investment (ROI), but can be customized to support well-established business processes and workflows. A business should never be forced to change the way they operate so they can leverage a new piece of software.

What Can Pegas do for you?

Measurable Business Impact

Our managed services and open source solutions offer numerous paybacks for your business. Benefits such as cost savings, system consolidation, and better use of company resources allow you to focus on growing your business. Our engineers and techs have a strong understanding of IT; we use the latest trends and techniques to ensure you are secure, agile, and scalable. Take the challenge and become more proactive with your IT systems.

Tried and True Solutions

We understand most small to medium businesses can’t afford an internal IT department and believe true enterprise level applications are out of their reach. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed and make it difficult to stay comparative with your competitors. Our solutions consist of proven open-source software; allowing you a faster return on investment. We are committed to supporting your business from the first call.

Proven Success

Our engineers are proven in the field, using our five-phase approach to deliver services to our clients that allow for successful deployment, create flexible solutions, and deliver higher ROI. Using Pegas Managed Services, you no longer worry about contacting third parties or vendors that won’t call you back; we always take your call. We stand behind our services and solutions ensuring your business will never come to a standstill again.

Are you Tired of misplacing key information about your customers?

So Your Ready To Work Together?

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When you started your business it was most likely you and maybe a few employees and keeping track of customers and their information was easy. If you are like the majority of business owners you started with a spreadsheet and as you grew you shared it with your employees.

Why You Should Choose Pegas For Your IT Needs

Launch in the Cloud Today

We provide a high availability IaaS environment for the software we support. Our infrastructure is designed to scale to fit your requirements, so you only spend what you need. As your business and workforce grow we can rapidly provide you with more resources, allowing you complete control over the entire process, so you save money and grow your business with ease.

A Team of IT Experts

Pegas Technology Solution's IT consultants are knowledgeable in many different business solutions. We have been using and deploying this open source software with many businesses in Maine and all over the United States. We have integrated with a variety of software including Document Management and Enterprise Content Management Systems, Email Automation, and Customer Relationship solutions.

On Premise Deployment

Don’t feel like running an open-source solution in our high availability infrastructure; not every deployment was meant to be in the cloud. We provide consulting services to get your deployment of open-source solutions installed at your location. No matter what your needs our IT Consulting Services allow you to leverage this platform for your business workflows and any manual process you might have?

We Stand Behind Our Work

Deploying technology in your business can be nerve-racking. Especially when a new system integrates every facet of your business. This is why we employ a five-phase model, allowing everyone to be on the same page during every phase of the implementation. No matter the size of your company we work with your business from start to finish to support your success.

Transform Your Work-Space

By using open source software and our high availability cloud computing infrastructure you get updated, secure, redundant, tested, and readily available software deployments that allow your employees to work conveniently at the office, at home, or in public, on any internet compatible device. This gives your workforce the utmost flexibility in accomplishing your business objectives effectively and efficiently.

Solution Training and Support

How often have you been given a new piece of software that you didn’t know how to use? In some cases paying thousands of dollars and then being told by the software vendor that training and support are unattainable for your small to medium business. We find this to be one of the main reasons for failed software deployment. At Pegas Technology Solutions we have no hidden fees and will train you and your employees.

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