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Review Funnel Features​

Pre-empt negative reviews before they happen, so you can just focus on your business.

Work with unhappy consumers directly before they go viral.

  • Embed your positive reviews into all your favorite profiles, and display prominently on your personal site, tightly integrated with today’s top content management systems.
  • Respond quickly and effectively with an emergency response plan tailored to your business needs. Plan your strategy ahead of time and deploy coupons, discounts, and store credit on demand.
  • Send out alerts to whoever needs to get involved to resolve issues, with all the vital statistics delivered instantly as the situation develops.
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Deploy a powerful Mission Control for your Business

  • Direct the flow of all your online reviews into a single, easy to navigate the app.
  • Connect to vital industry sites and collect together reviews and statistical data to assemble reports, charts or graphs easily.
  • Send the data wherever you want from there. Fuel viral media campaigns feature glowing reviews on your main site, the sky’s the limit.

Are you Tired of misplacing key information about your customers?

So Your Ready To Work Together?

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When you started your business it was most likely you and maybe a few employees and keeping track of customers and their information was easy. If you are like the majority of business owners you started with a spreadsheet and as you grew you shared it with your employees.

Customer Relations Mechanized.

  • Big or small, your business depends on customer opinion. Manage localized campaigns for every business location in one package.
  • Interact with your customers through Email, Text, and MMS campaigns
  • Build targeted campaigns for specific locations
  • Mail out personalized cards on-demand, nationwide
  • Integrate with the API, or manage contacts and campaigns
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Broadcast your happy customers to the world

  • Get all of your online reviews in the easy to use interface, and share the review you like wherever you want. Instantly transform choice reviews into embeddable web code, ready for your front page.
  • Show off your best reviews on your page to help visitors better appreciate your brand.
  • Switch between current reviews in a click, with easy editing features too!
  • Integrate directly with the most popular content management sites, like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal

How To Get More 5-Star Reviews

Review Funnels

Make it simple for your clients to send their customers though and easy to use review funnel

Get Alerts for New Reviews

When a customer leaves a review, we will send you an automated message.

Automated Reviews Funnel

Our review software allows you to send an email or sms to invite you, client, to leave a review.

Show off Your Reviews

Our software is so easy to use that you can embed you’re your reviews on your site.

Works On Any Device

We make it simple so your funnel looks great and your customer can leave a review on any device.

Give them Second Chance

Make it simple to identity customers that are unhappy so you can contact them.

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