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Take Control of Your Reviews! Learn how we can simplify your business technology.

Pre-empt negative reviews before they happen, so you can just focus on your business.

Product or service review ideas from customers.
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Why Are Your Happy Customers Not Leaving Reviews?

  • Embed your positive reviews into all your favorite profiles, and display prominently on your personal site, tightly integrated with today’s top content management systems.
  • Respond quickly and effectively with an emergency response plan tailored to your business needs. Plan your strategy ahead of time and deploy coupons, discounts, and store credit on demand.
  • Send out alerts to whoever needs to get involved to resolve issues, with all the vital statistics delivered instantly as the situation develops.
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Deploy a powerful Mission Control for your Business

  • Direct the flow of all your online reviews into a single, easy to navigate the app.
  • Connect to vital industry sites and collect together reviews and statistical data to assemble reports, charts or graphs easily.
  • Send the data wherever you want from there. Fuel viral media campaigns feature glowing reviews on your main site, the sky’s the limit.

Take Control of Your Reviews!

Consumers check online reviews today more than ever. Let us help you take advantage of your most valuable marketing asset. Read on!


Keep everyone in the loop with reputation notification, letting you know when a subscriber leaves you company a review online.

Increase Visibility

Post all of your positive review feeds to as many sites around web, increasing visibility for your brand

Post to Social Media

Post all of your positive reviews on any social media site that you want. Allow for you to create viral trends for your brand and products

Central Dashboard

Get all of your reviews in a central dashboard. Our tools will allow you to easily mange your reputation.

Gain Insights

Create and manage reports, gather all of your reputation data across sites, and gain valuable insight into your campaigns.


Manage all of your negative review by funneling them to an internal contact form before they get a chance to post online

How To Get More 5-Star Reviews

Ask for the Review

Invite your customers to leave a review about their experience with your business. Here we can see if its positive.

Automated Email Campaigns

We send out automated emails drip campaign to invite your customers to leave a review for your business.

Review Sites

Guide them to your review funnel and convert them into reviewers. Only 4 and 5 start customers are invited to leave a review on google, Facebook.

Embeddable Widgets

You can embed a widget on your website, landing page, and email footer, so cusmters can leave a review

Review Complete

The customer selects the site to leave a review. After they leave the review, it will show up in your dashboard and you can share it on social media.

Printed Marketing Materiel

Leave a link or QR code on your marketing material for funnel customers to leave a review.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

No our reviews software is flexible. You can funnel your customers to a simple landing page that works on any device. If you do have a website we can easily embed the software into your site.

Google has spiders or bots which detects any new site or new information. This is why we ask our clients to have at least a Google Analytics and a Google Search Console account. New websites will be indexed after a few days since their launch.

Yes, you can. These are part of the basic packages. However, these still depend on what you would you like to be updated. Email us to know which ones you would like to be updated

Of course, yes. Our experienced web experts can transfer your existing domain to your new website.

We provide you with a two-step funnel. The first is to see whether your customers are happy or unhappy. If they are happy they will be forwarded to the sites that you select for them to leave the review but if they are unhappy they will be sent to a contact form to contact you directly so you are given a second chance to make them a happy customer.

It simple really go to the pricing page and select your plan and get started. We are there every step of the way to give you recommendations, answer any questions you might have, and you get you a jumpstart to get ahead of your competition.

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