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Digital Marketing For A Non Profit. Learn how we can simplify your business technology.

Accelerate your business growth with our digital transformation, sales, and digital marketing services.

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Digital Marketing Agency For Nonprofit Organizations; Spread Your Advocacy And Grow Your Reach.

To promote your nonprofit organization’s awareness, you need to have a strong digital marketing plan. We will help you create a solid marketing strategy that will enable you to reach your ideal audience.

Social Media

We offer social media management of all your available channels, including social ads and organic page growth. We Creating original content and grow your brand by regular activity.
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Content Marketing

Most B2B Marketers use content marketing to offer valuable information to customers. We will write original articles with your target audience and your business goals in mind.
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Web Design & Web Development

If you want your business to stand out, you should have a compelling website. We will create, design, and develop your website to help you increase leads, conversions, and sales.
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PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

We will set up and manage your PPC ads for your target audience. We will also implement remarketing strategies to ensure the highest possible conversion rates.
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SEO (Organic Traffic)

We Optimize your website using white hat SEO best practices. We will help your business rank organically in search engine results so you can be found consistently by your target customers.
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Email Marketing

Email is a tried and tested method to reach your prospects. We will write eye-catching subject lines, incorporate a clear call-to-action, and create beautiful email newsletter designs.
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Our Marketing Services

  • Graphic design, photography, and video
  • Custom branding (print and digital media)
  • Claiming and management of citation listings or directories
  • Local SEO: Google My Business, Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP) Consistency
  • Paid search ads or PPC Marketing
  • Customer review management
  • Call tracking and ROI reporting
  • Branding
  • Brand strategy and campaign planning
  • Web design and development
  • Mobile-responsive websites
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Content Writing & SEO Copywriting
  • Email marketing and newsletter Campaigns

How We Help Your Non Profit

 We use time-tested and solid digital marketing strategies to grow the reach of your nonprofit organization. Using our services, you can make your message known to as many people possible and across different channels.

  • Spread awareness. We will help you gain the top spot in Google search engine results pages for keywords related to your NGO.
  • Gain social visibility. We will establish and maintain your organization’s presence on all your social media platforms.
  • Powerful content. We will create powerful messages that motivate your audience to take action.
  • Storytelling. We will write clear and strong call-to-action through storytelling so your audience know what to do next.

Nonprofit Digital Marketing Services

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Gone are the days when traditional marketing was the only means to spread your advocacy. In today’s internet era, it’s become easier to make your cause known and to inspire people to take action. Statistics show that there has been a 4.1% increase in donations in the previous years, and more than $410 billion was donated for charitable cause.

This upward trend in charitable giving only shows the need for your nonprofit organization to stand out. Spread awareness and encourage people to support your cause through a solid digital marketing strategy. It only takes a single marketing campaign to make a change.


Using digital marketing for your nonprofit organization, you can achieve the best results for your business. Embrace a strong marketing strategy and experience these benefits.

  •  Higher Amount of Donations
  • More Volunteers and Supporters
  • Greater Awareness About Your Organization
  • Nonprofit Grants
  • Sponsorships

What We Do

Website Optimization

We will work on how your site responds to visitors, what their user experience is, whether your site would have a massive impact on what they do next regardless of how they feel about the cause they are looking into. A good user experience is a nice, clear, clean, crisp pages, good imagery, an easy-to-use site, to navigate, to find what users are looking for will make a massive difference to how far people go. If they find that they are getting confused or they are not quite sure what they should be doing, or they cannot find what they are looking for, they will go and disappear from your site. We make sure that your message is really clear as well. So, whatever it is you do, big, front, center, make sure that everybody knows what is going on and there would be no questions.

Social Presence

The next thing is social presence. Some charities do, some charities do not have very good pages on social media such as Twitter, Google+, and particularly Facebook. Facebook is very much more personal than Twitter or Google+. It is not aimed at an industry; it is aimed at individuals. It has that emotional ties. That is where you want to be. By having a well-maintained plan for Facebook, you are going to increase your reach and increase your followers very quickly and very well. You need someone who is specifically dedicated to this job, who will keep on top of it, who will engage people, add new content, respond to people, reply to people’s questions and comments.

Content Writing And Marketing

Content is probably more important for non-profits than even anybody else – your story, what you do, whether it is shareable, whether people are going to like or read it – it is absolutely vital. Obviously, if you had an industrial website, people know what they are getting. For a non-profit, however, it is an emotional journey. You need to be really capturing people’s imagination, inspire them, make them want to share it, make them want to tell people about it, and make them want to get involved. Your content strategy should be very well-thought-out, well-planned, and well done. Getting someone who has professional expertise and experience in creating proper, shareable content will help your organization a great deal. You may want to look at outsourcing, because that is absolutely vital. Storytelling matters.

Email Marketing

Next is email marketing, which most charities and non-profits are generally getting much better at. Email marketing goes out to people who have already signed up to you – not spamming people – people who are already involved. Email marketing is not necessarily designed to bring on new people, because it is not always going to, but will encourage people engage with you more. It will keep them more loyal. They will get that warm, lovely feeling from seeing what it is that you have done with their money and what you have achieved next. They may well send it on to other people. You can pop something at the bottom about encouraging other people to join you or to refer people

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