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Mobile marketing gives you a great way to interact with your customers and get that initial first response to drive them back to your business.

Pegas Offers Expert Mobile Marketing Consulting & Development Services. Websites built for you, with you, in real-time.

With the decrease in television, print, and radio usage, nearly every marketer is saying that mobile traffic is one of the best sources of clients for your business – whether your business is a simple boutique, a fancy hotel, or an exclusive spa. The truth is, worldwide, there are over 3.2 billion users of mobile internet, and the numbers continue to increase. It is notable that these users surf the internet on a daily basis or search for local information. This means, customers are trying to find businesses that cater to their needs – on their smartphones. 

The best part is, most of your competitors are not using mobile marketing to promote their business yet. You should consider running SMS or text messaging marketing campaigns, because customers are more likely to open SMS on their phones. Get more clients to your door now by utilizing of our mobile marketing services.

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We Help With..

  • Mobile marketing audit
  • Mobile-responsive design (smartphone, tablet, etc.)
  • Multi-device commerce
  • SMS campaigns
  • Mobile verification
  • Social media mobile ads
  • Social Wifi Solutions
  • Android/iOS push notifications
  • Mobile app (Android & Apple/iOs) development
  • Automated mobile marketing tools

How This Works

Ask for Permission

To engage customers on mobile, it is important to follow the best marketing practices. It is important to begin with permission. A vital starting point is to make customers feel secure about your communications. This is because, majority of customers are annoyed when they receive marketing messages without their consent. We should simply ask for their consent enrolling them in our marketing list.

Understand the Consumer

We also attempt to understand the consumer. This is because mobile marketing evokes negative sentiment. It is important to understand the issues that lie behind this. It is important that the benefits are attractive, the offers are in line with the customers’ interests, and should provide easy opt-out buttons.

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Know Your Customers

There are four different categories of customers. The first type are those who who do not have any interest at all in the benefits that are being offered by mobile messages. The second type are those who do not have any need to be in control, but have a limited impact on purchases. The third type are those who need to be in control of incoming messages and remain interested in mobile marketing. The fourth type are those who are interested in promotions or benefits and do not need to be in control.

Recognize the Importance of Relevance

Segmentation of customers ensures a more effective approach. We will help you create segmented marketing messages to different types of customers. We should give the right message to the right person, at the right moment. If mobile marketing messages were relevant, customers would be happy and would grab an offer or a discount. We understand the principle “respect builds loyalty.” If we show respect to our customers, we can build customer loyalty.

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Advantages of Mobile Marketing

Higher Return on Investment (ROI

Mobile marketing gives you a great way to interact with your customers and get that initial first response to drive them back to your business. As long as your offers are delivering in a correct way, you will get a great response from your customers. In regards to ROI, when you send out emails to your clients or customers, on average, those emails are acted on and responded to, 6-15% percent of the time.


Mobile marketing is non-intrusive, which means customers have to allow mobile marketing before they receive it – very similar to opting-in with an email address. But, the mobile phone and mobile SMS messaging is much more personal, so people think about it a little more. When they get these messages, these are much quicker to respond to. Mobile marketing is also an easy for you to interact with your business.

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How We Will Help You Be Successful

The mobile industry has become extremely tough and dynamic. We will provide you with effective, promotional, and well-directed promotional efforts that your products and services need to stand out from the crowd and succeed. As a leading web and marketing solutions company, we have helped many apps and websites achieve top-prime positions by reaching out to a wider and well-targeted audience. We work hard to ensure that your website or app does not only achieve the top ranks, but also stays there. Our team of seasoned mobile marketers and developers will take care of your mobile app development, website mobile-responsiveness, marketing campaigns, and optimization, so you can kick back, relax, and watch as your website traffic or mobile app downloads increase. Our packages and services suit any budgets and timeframes required.

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