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We Offer Consulting Services For The Deployment And Customization Of Many Clouds And Open Source ERP Systems.

Pegas Offers Expert Open Source ERP Consulting & Development Services; Ensuring Key Stakeholders are involved in the ERP Implementation and Providing a Rapid ROI

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All businesses, from small to large, have nearly the same ERP requirements. However, small businesses have fewer resources at their disposal for technology, such as ERP software, management, and implementation. Still, small to medium-sized businesses require the same resources to function as larger businesses do. A manufacturer needs to track, warehouses, raw materials, manufacturing capabilities, product sales, a product delivery system, and/or a means of money management.

Without an ERP keeping track of the complex multiple divisions of your business, there is a lot to do with a high margin for error. Utilizing a Pegas Technology Solutions provided ERP solution is so valuable because our solutions will limit, if not eliminate, the margin of error. ERP solutions assist businesses in all of its processes so that all the information they need is available and manageable.

Traditional ERP solutions were too costly for small and medium-sized businesses to implement. They require a lot of money, personnel, and/or skills to implement properly. It is too often that a small business will need to resort to outdated means to keep track of their business operations involving a lot of paper documentation and handling. We all have tried to keep track of everything in excel but unfortunately, it never works.

We have too many times seen companies in an attempt to save money, hack together a wide array of systems from multiple vendors. As a result, there are always countless errors, needless double entries. When computer systems exist in this state there are almost always many negative effects such as reduce customer satisfaction, lower productivity, increased difficulty in data management, and high support costs. Switching to a hosted ERP most likely will drive thousands of dollars back into your business.

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How ERPNext Can Help Your Business.


Bill your customers and record Supplier’s Invoices. Manage pre and post payments, track pending ones and provide Credit Notes. Manage recurring invoices, and restrict approval based on amount.


Track opportunities, prepare Quotations, and record orders and shipments. Communicate with customers via email, or send newsletters. Distribute commission to a sales partner or team.

Reporting Engine

View reports like balance sheet, profit and loss, sales and purchase register, project gantt chart, Item-wise purchase history, customer acquisition and loyalty, and many more.

Buying And Inventory

Automatically raise material requests, send purchase orders to suppliers, and record purchase receipts. Track inventory levels per warehouse and make required corrections on manual inspection.

Point Of Sale

Has touch-friendly Point of Sales interface which is linked to billing, payments, and Inventory.The POS feature also works offline and syncs when you have an internet connection.

Projects Management

Define and allocate tasks for projects and make time log entries for work done against tasks. Track orders, invoices and inventory against projects, and bill your customers using time logs.

Website And Shopping Cart

Generate and easily maintain your company’s website with your product catalog, shopping cart, customer portal, blog and contact form. Track visits to your website by plugging in google analytics.


Plan your production and material requirements using production planning tool. Make production schedule based on workstation availability. Use hierarchical bill of materials and costing.


Add custom fields, write custom scripts to modify behavior, hide non-required fields and features, design your own print formats or we can develop entire new modules.

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Discover how an ERP solution will help your small to medium business with most of your business outdated and inefficient workflows. An ERP will help your team increase sales, improve efficiencies, and increase your customer satisfaction with better support.

Why You Should Choose Pegas For Your IT Needs


We offer customizable software solutions formed to meet your business requirements and we often do this without needing to write code.


We offer many methods of training. Whether in a classroom setting or online, we cover it all providing our clients with the knowledge to run their systems for maximum business success.


As an open source software solutions provider we don’t sell licenses. We solve our clients problems and believe in strong customer service.


Do you have any questions regarding your solution or need support for business software? We offer many service levels to solve your problems quickly and within your budget.


We stand behind our solutions and in the event that something doesn't work, our team will won’t stop until your system is back at full capacity.

Open source Software

We develop open source solutions that have been designed to solve your businesses needs in an innovative and cost effective way. Saving your business money and time.

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