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Google Search Ad Campaigns For Business Growth

Using our PPC Management services, you will see an increase in your leads and customers. Pay-Per-Click is advertising on search engines. You will have greater chances of being seen by people who are actively searching for products or services like yours.

Pegas Technology Solutions Offers Effective Google Ads Services Promote Your Brand and Nurture Your Relationships and engage your audience, and build a community.

Google Search Ads are valuable to business owners. Almost 50% would prefer clicking on search ads and almost 65% would click on a Google ad about buying keywords. These are higher compared to clicks on Display Ads, Video Ads, and organic search listings.

We cannot deny that Google has evolved into an effective marketing platform, which is why many businesses utilize search ads. Using Google search ads will allow you to get more clicks – and more clicks lead to more conversions.

To gain a higher ad ranking, you need to consider (1) ad quality and landing page, (2) bid and (3) ad relevance. You need to invest in a high-quality AdWords service provider to gain that coveted spot in the search engine results page.

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Why Do You Need An AdWords Solutions Provider?

Learning the ropes of Google AdWords may take some time. As a business owner, you don’t have the luxury of time to manage and monitor all your ad campaigns. This is where an AdWords solutions provider can help you.

We will conduct keyword research, market research, and competitive analysis before we create your ad copy. Afterward, we will create your ad copy’s headline, description, and image and do A/B split testing.

Once we have launched your campaigns, we will monitor and track all your campaigns to ensure that you get a high ROI.

Why We Stand Out

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Close Monitoring

From Adwords account setup, we will be constantly monitoring performance, including click-through-rates and cost-per-click, ad budget, ad frequency, and potential problems. This is to ensure that your ads are working well are yielding the results you want.

Open Communication

We will keep the communication lines open so that you always get insightful reports on your ad performance and spend. Your dedicated ad specialist will be your primary contact, so you may freely reach out to them whenever you like it.

Fixed Rates

We provide short-term ad management contracts with flat rates, and not commission-based. You can make investments without any surprising budget increases. We will not charge you more just because your ad performance improved.

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Our Google Search Ad Management & Marketing Services Explained

Search Audit

Before we take any step, we will first gain an understanding of your business, market, and competitors. We will audit any existing ads you have. Then, we will brainstorm effective keywords for your ads. An advertising plan will guide us through the next steps.

Ads Budget

We let our clients to set their own budget for their ad campaigns, and we want them to save on costs. Our services are cost-effective and results-driven, so expect to see a high ROI.

Search Ad Copy Creation

Once you have set your budget, we will proceed with the creation of your ad copy. We will create several options for you to choose from. You will have a say on the keywords, text, URL, description, and other information that will be used in your ad.

Ad Optimization

Our work doesn’t end in ad launching. We will set our eyes on all your ad campaigns and see how they are performing. Through our Ad Manager and Analytics, we can check your ad performance based on key metrics.

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