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Network And Structured Cabling Maine Businesses Trust. Learn how we can simplify your Business Network.

We help you keep Your Data Secure, by implementing BYOD policies and implementing  Mobile Device Management services.

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Pegas Offers Expert Managed IT Consulting & Development Services; Ensuring Your Business IT Systems Are running at peak Performance and Proactively Solve Problems before They Become an Issue for your business.

Keeping your office connected to the cloud and internal servers is critical to the survival of your business. You require reliable bandwidth daily, whether it’s a phone, fax, or Internet access. Allow a professional to assist you in making the best option possible to have the availability you need at an affordable price. We’ll discover the best solution for your business, regardless of your requirements.

You are ensuring that your infrastructure works so you can focus on your business. Pegas Technology Solutions monitors your network remotely, keeping everything up to date and backed up on schedule. We monitor your help desk tickets and address issues as they arise. Rest assured with our secure, real-time monitoring and your choice of options for your unique business needs.

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Plan for the future now to reach your goals

Technologies that Help You Reach Your Goals

Pegas looks at your business to see what you need. We look at your employees and the number of devices connected to your network at any given time. The way your office is designed affects the hardware that is selected to make your office function. Once assessments are completed, we will build a network suited to your specific needs. You will be able to monitor the network for bottlenecks, what your employees are doing online, and unauthorized devices on the network, etc. By utilizing our Managed network service, you will be able to monitor your devices and your employees so you know whats going on

We Can Simply Help You Plan For The Future.

We assist your company in developing a cost-effective and comprehensive IT road-map for your company so you can plan and budget ahead of time. We only plan for what you need and the infrastructure is designed for future growth. Our services allow you to have a flat-rate cost when it comes to your infrastructure and IT (Information Technology). We are a cost-conscious MSP know that every dollar counts so we often can reuse hardware that you already have. Network devices have been designed to function for years in some extreme conditions. Having brand new hardware is cool but often unnecessary.

Network And Structured Cabling Services Covering Maine And New England

  • Simply Management
    When managing your network, you do not need a big team. By Partnering with Pegas Technology Solutions, we gain access to a team that will help you manage and plan for the future. We get the job done fast and with minimal disruption.
  • Increase Flexibility
    Have you ever gone add a new device to your network and found out that your previous IT provider installed a device that is being over-utilized without any consideration for the future. (like no free Ethernet port on your network switch)
  • Save Time And Money
    Your I.T. infrastructure is essential. Our technicians can present solutions to keep your network infrastructure organized, operating, and cost-efficient. We help you develop an I.T. roadmap for your networking design and operation.
  • Seamless Support
    Pegas Technology Solutions will help you streamline your network, remove unnecessary or outdated devices, add redundancy when needed, and maximize your budget with cost-effective enterprise equipment. Don’t wait to get started.

How We Can Help Your Business With Structured Cabling

  • Full-Service Install
    We install networks that suites your needs, on your budget, on time. We ensure stability and security before we finish.
  • Wi-Fi
    Complement your existing Ethernet system with a strong Wi-Fi Broadcasting plan. We have internal and external network equipment.
  • Ethernet
    Get a powerful, wired network for your office systems to keep everything connected, secure from the outside, and running fast
  • Fiber And More
    Does your business require another type of network? Let us examine the network plan you have. We support coaxial, optic fiber, and more.

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