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Retail & Restaurants IT Consulting, Managed IT, and Cloud Services Learn how we can simplify your business technology.

Regardless of whether your store is physical or virtual, customer service cannot suffer while you optimize costs and streamline operations to look after margins. Retailers must use IT to fullest position without tying up capital on infrastructure or utilizing skilled resources on everyday operations.

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Explore Retail Shop Front or Restaurants IT solution provided by Pegas that can increase your customer’s satisfaction, maximize sales, and improve your businesses efficiency.

Today’s consumer trends have changed retail. Customer expect to be able to order online and shows no signs of slowing down. Keep your shop open and selling 24 hours a day with the right combination of tools, implemented and customized to your unique retail needs. Ensure your business stands out in your market with intensive SEO Management, and get the buzz going with several marketing strategies and packages available. Give them a look and get in touch soon, we look forward to working with you!
Mobility and customer loyalty are the challenges being faced by retailers these days. Comparison between shops through devices has increased the margin pressure on retailers. Pegas Technology Solutions helps small to medium business deploy the right solutions to help them thrive and compete with large box retailers. We have the expertise with the leading back end retail workloads and digital applications, which we can use in order to help you with migrations and scaling. Get started with your digital transformation today an offer your customers an unique Omni channel experience

Delivering the right solutions.

Get the most out of a cloud

We will help your business to operate in the cloud and innovate along with the latest technologies so that you can receive the most out of your investment.

Security and compliance

We help your business meet PCI and DSS. Your customers will be able to browse the online store with confidence, while giving your piece of mind.

We deliver experience

We know online and in store retail. We can help you optimize your business to better compete locally and online against bigger competitors.

Application services

We can help you to improve the reliability and performance of the systems, which are being used by your systems. This can help you deliver better customer experiences.


E-commerce can help you to have your online store up and running throughout 24 hours of the day. This can improve security and availability, as well.

Professional services

We can provide you with a large number of professional IT services, which align with your business strategy that help you get more done.

Explore How We are Helping the Retail Industry with Managed Services

Enhanced and consistent user experience

We will be able to provide an enhanced and consistent user experience. You will be able to integrate your Omni channel ecommerce presence with ERP integrations, supply chain management uptime and performance, scalability and even cloud migration.

Security and compliance

We help your business follow best practices to help your business meet regulatory compliances. ]If there are any threats, we can quickly determine them and provide the protection and help you with securing your business.


The solutions that we offer will grow along with your business. You won’t need to worry about the upgrades, new implementations and platform migrations. We will be able to scale our services according to your growing business needs.


We are constantly researching new technologies. If there are any new technologies, we will be able to adapt quickly to them. This can help you to drive engaging customer experiences in a convenient manner.

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