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Pegas Technology Solutionss accounting module has everything you need to keep your books and provide accurate reports of all your transactions.

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Chart of Accounts

Pegas Technology Solutionss chart of accounts feature includes a customizable and structured view of accounting ledgers. It consists of your Assets, Liabilities, Income, Equity, and Expenses. You can add additional segments when you need them.

You can view all activities in real time so that you’ll see where your profits are coming from and where your expenses are being spent. Use the software to generate reports by getting data from various files. You can easily make reports like General Ledger, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, and Stock Ledger to name a few.

Real-Time Books

In today’s digital marketplace, time is gold. Getting the needed information to help manage your business on a day to day basis is crucial. The problem starts when you are not getting the information fast enough when needed, another issue is the accuracy of data to make the right decisions moving forward.

You can now analyze every aspect of your business transactions in one location. Get all the information you need, when you need it. Are you looking for a sale or a purchase? Balance sheet? Profit and loss statement? Sales reports? Now you can make informed decisions that can keep you ahead of the competition.

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Billing and Pricing

With Pegas Technology Solutions, you can customize your item pricing for all transactions. Our software allows you to send invoices with payment requests through email or SMS. Enjoy the customized templates you can make for invoices and bills.

Use our billing and pricing feature so that you won’t miss any orders anymore. You’ll also benefit from on-time deliveries which results in happy customers. Using the old system results in waste of inventories,lost orders, and delayed deliveries.

Why not switch to ERP like all the other organizations are doing right now?

Journals and Payments

Pegas Technology Solutions are so excited to offer Pegas Technology Solutions for your journals and payments. This feature allows you to track income and expenses and control your cash flow. You can easily reconcile advance payments and keep your ledger clean.

Our system makes payments flow smoothly inside and out. This results in invoices paid on time, more profits, and increased customer satisfaction. Your business doesn’t have to deal with low cash flow or chase overdue payments. Customers can pay invoices directly on your platform which is good for your company’s cash flow.

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Auto Invoicing

When your business is growing, managing subscriptions and recurring invoices can be a difficult task. You need to prepare new bills each month which can be a tedious process.

Pegas Technology Solutions makes things simpler by allowing you to automatically generate orders and invoices during selected intervals. Make your payment process more accurate and save time with our auto invoicing feature.


Banking is a fundamental feature in an ERP system. With Pegas Technology Solutions, you can easily receive money from customers, spend money on vendors and transfer money between your bank accounts. You can also create unlimited bank and cash accounts and track their current balances.

Syncing transactions in a single click gives you convenience and saves time. Contact Pegas Technology Solutions and ask one of our ERP experts to give you a demo. You’ll be amazed at what our ERP Accounting module can do for your SMB.

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Multi Currency Accounting

The internet has turned the world into a huge marketplace even for small and medium enterprises. Expanding internationally has its benefits and challenges, having an ERP system capable of processing multi currency transactions is essential for your expansion plans.

Pegas Technology Solutions gives you the power to manage all aspects of accounting in multiple currencies. You can create payable and receivable documents in various currencies. The system converts automatically to your base currency. You can also generate reports and view financial transactions in multiple currencies.

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