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How To Install Nextcloud On Ubuntu 22:04 LTS

NextCloud is a self-hosted, free, open-source cloud storage solution for those unaware. It is similar to Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, and other cloud storage services. NextCloud returns ownership and security of your critical data to you, removing the need for a third-party cloud hosting service. This guide will demonstrate how to install Nextcloud on Ubuntu

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How To Install HAProxy on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

HAProxy is an open-source load balancer proxy used to run several web applications with high performance and increase the speed by dividing the load across multiple servers. In addition, if a server dies, HAProxy detects it and reroutes its web traffic to other servers, ensuring that clients suffer no interruptions. This guide demonstrates how to

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Looking For An Open-Source Alternative Office 365 and G Suite Collaboration Suite

Are you tired of Google and Microsoft having access to your data? It’s possible to substitute G Suite or Office 365’s most popular features with self-hosted alternatives that respect your privacy and don’t charge per-seat license fees. It doesn’t matter if your employer doesn’t allow you to utilize G Suite or Office 365; your users

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The Top 6 Open Source ERP Software Systems

ERP, or enterprise resource planning, is a holistic software suite used to manage a business’s operations. An ERP is meant to integrate many company systems to increase efficiency and productivity. Investing in a robust ERP system is a time-consuming and costly process. As a result, many businesses have to change their internal workflow and business

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How to Market Your Plumbing Business

Plumbers may think that since their business is offline, there is no need to market their business. Such thinking is wrong. To grow your plumbing business, you need to resort to the most significant marketplace ever – the world wide web. There you would find numerous platforms teeming with customers who are in search of

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3CX vs. FreePBX

Open-source IP PBX systems offer greater flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness than most traditional hosted PBX platforms. IP PBX is more software-based than hardware-based, allows unlimited extensions, and requires only a single network to transmit voice, data, video, and other data. If you’re in the market for an open-source PBX system, you’ve probably noticed that 3CX

how to market my real estate business

How to Market Your Real Estate Business

You would like to move your property as quickly as possible. How do you market your real estate property? Marketing has changed dramatically especially for real estate agents. Have a robust digital presence to grow your business. Follow these steps to have a strong marketing strategy: Multiple Listing Services (MLS) MLS is what realtors use

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The Truth About The Open Source Software

Open source software is a term that is primarily used for the computer applications which are available along with their source code to the public. The availability of the source code ensures that pretty much anyone and everyone can customize, inspect, or modify the software as per the requirement. Access to the source code offers

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What Is Cloud Computing and How Can It Help Your Business

Cloud computing – What Is It? Cloud computing is essentially the supply of on-demand services through the internet, ranging from computer programs to storage and processing power. Rather than investing in their own infrastructure or data centers, many organizations may rent access to various cloud-based services. By utilizing cloud computing services, these organizations may avoid

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Marketing Tips for Your Carpet Cleaning Business

The secret to success in a carpet cleaning business does not depend on how long you have been in the industry. The secret lies in having a clear marketing plan. If you do so, you can multiply your income in as little as six months. Take the time to plan your goals, what you want

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How To Install a MariaDB Galera Cluster on Ubuntu 20.04

Load balancing and clustering are key components of database system availability in a production environment. MariaDB Galera Cluster supports the storage engines XtraDB and InnoDB. It enables read and writes operations on any cluster node. Changes made to a single node are propagated to all others. Galera clusters can also be used in cloud and

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Does Your Business Need a Virtual CIO?

The growth and competition in this digital marketplace are intense with many jobs being virtualized. The high cost of hiring an in-house CIO has led to the Virtual CIO concept. Small and medium enterprises may not have the budget to hire and employ a CIO but with a Virtual CIO, they get senior-level experience and

how to market home health care

How to Market Your Home Health Care Business

In an ever-changing industry, owners of home health care businesses should focus on marketing their businesses. They should employ a strategy that combines educating people about home health care, identifying the needs of their customers, and widening their network. To strengthen your overall marketing strategy, follow these tips: Build A Strong Brand For Your Business.

how to market event planning business

How To Market Your Event Planning Business

Owners of event planning businesses, whether a wedding, corporate, or nonprofit, are facing the challenge of choosing the best marketing strategy in an ever-changing market. To have a higher lead conversion rate and sales, follow these tips: Branding is the Key. A lot of event planners may not be concerned about branding. But to establish

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Understanding Managed IT Services

Introduction As a business owner, you hear buzzwords every day “Cloud Services” or ”Managed IT Services,” and it seems like every business is jumping on the bandwagon. What do managed services really mean, how will it help your business bottom line, and how will you know that the company you choose is equal to another?

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Benefits of Syncing Email Across Multiple Devices

Have you tried managing your email on multiple devices? Things can get messy in an instant. We all know that email is one of the best methods of communication nowadays, especially in the business arena. It is less intrusive than a phone call, but it can contain all the details you want to say but

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Marketing Tips for Your Interior Design Business

Do you find it challenging to market your interior design business? Are you having trouble making your business visible? Is having new clients difficult for you? Do not worry. Read these marketing tips to help you establish your interior design business and acquire new clients for your business. Stick To A Niche. Focus on just

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Is it Time For Your Business to Move to the Cloud?

More and more businesses are adopting cloud computing in their operations as a way to up their game. Digital is the way to go, especially because COVID-19 has impacted the way we do business. Business owners are not adapting to the new normal where remote work is becoming necessary to lessen the impact the pandemic

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How To Market Your Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Like any other business owner, you may be thinking of ways to create a consistent influx of new customers and increased profit. To achieve this, you need to conduct marketing strategies. Here are ways to market your accounting business: Use Content Marketing. Create original content for your business, such as a blog post, e-book, newsletter,

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