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Managed Cyber Security Services Maine Businesses Trust. Learn how we can Help Keep your business Secure.

Most small to medium business often don’t think they are a target of a cyber-attack but almost every day a small business will close down because they didn’t have any data protection services. The companies that survive the cyber-attack, will often spend thousands of dollars to get there data back for the attackers. Pegas Technology Solutions provides small to medium business with end to end cybersecurity services.

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We Reduce The Complexity Of Cyber Security.

Over the past decade, and especially in the last several years, the cybersecurity landscape has changed dramatically. The days of traditional cybersecurity layers being successful are over. Even if a firewall and anti-virus software are still required, they remain insufficient. The complexity of these hacker “groups,” the rising frequency of a remote workforce, and the potential income of ransom payments have all played critical roles in reshaping the nature of cybersecurity, making cybersecurity services for small enterprises essential.

Even if your business has the in-house expertise to review and execute the appropriate cybersecurity layers continuously, it is exceedingly difficult to take action on this every day and keep up with the rapid acceleration of change.

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What Is Multi-Layered Security And Will It Work For My Business?

Due to the reason that threats are constantly evolving, we focus on providing a multi-level approach to cybersecurity protection, beginning with a robust network monitoring that includes a managed firewall, updated firmware, active network device management, and periodic network inspections. 

Your employees are the first line of defense against cyber threats. We then supplement our proactive monitoring with anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spam protection, and DNS filtering. We also recommend clients invest in security training for their employees and simulated phishing attacks.

Cyber Security Services Covering Maine And New England.

  • Cyber Security Consulting
    We assist you in identifying your vulnerability and determining the activities that may be taken to achieve a strategic advantage over security threats.
  • Multi-Layered Defense
    By creating multi-layered defenses and organizing regular checks of your whole IT infrastructure, we reduce significant security threats.
  • Risk Assessment
    We begin by assessing your cybersecurity risk and identifying vulnerabilities based on the likelihood of a cyberattack and the potential impact on your business.
  • Cyber Securtity Managment
    We preform regular cybersecurity assessments, monthly operational trends reports, provide continuing em training, and perform spot inspections as needed.

Under NIST Framework Identify, we establish organizational knowledge to manage cybersecurity risk to assets, people, computer systems, data, and capabilities.

Protect: To ensure the successful supply of vital services, we create and implement the necessary safeguards.

Detect: We develop and execute the necessary activities to identify the incidence of a cybersecurity incident.

Respond: We create and implement the necessary activities to address an identified cybersecurity incident.

Recover: We establish and implement practical efforts to maintain plans for resilience and to restore any compromised capabilities or services caused by a cybersecurity event.

Each of these stages require a particular strategy and set of tools. With the assistance of our cybersecurity services, a company may considerably reduce the likelihood of an attack and be ready to recover quickly if one does occur by studying and implementing a practical method for each potential threat.

We ensure that your data is backed up in three locations: the server, a local backup, and an offsite backup. You should be able to virtualize to onsite and offshore backups quickly. How quickly can you virtualize your server if it becomes encrypted or goes offline?

Assessments of Security: Vulnerability Scan and Penetration Testing

Advanced spam filtering: Microsoft 365’s spam filtering is insufficient to protect your users from becoming the target of an attack.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training: is a critical but frequently overlooked component. End-user education has a significant effect on cybersecurity.

Multi-Factor Authentication: All Active Directory and Microsoft 365 accounts should have this enabled and any other applications you are running.

Conditional access: is essential for limiting Microsoft/server access. These force functions can prohibit access during the most likely periods of attack (for instance, no access between 119pm – 6 am for end-users)

Computer updates and patching:  If you are not receiving reports and controlling this, you are leaving a significant hole in your plan. We take care of everything.

Dark Web Scanning: We analyze and report on business information listed on dark websites.

Web gateway security: We implement Web gateway security at the firewall and endpoint levels. Endpoint-based gateway protection will ensure that your users cannot circumvent these safeguards intentionally or unintentionally.

Mobile device security: is a vast field unto itself, and it is not advised to attempt it without professional cybersecurity services.

Firewalls: are still vital, but they are insufficient to protect your enterprise by themselves. They are implemented as a minor component of a much more comprehensive approach.

Encryption: This applies to both devices and email. While encryption is a need for compliance in several industries, like government and healthcare, we strongly recommend it for all enterprises.

Managed Detection and Response: The bad guys are no longer immediately encrypting servers upon entering the network. They remain on the network longer to collect crucial information. As many firms have adequate backups, the value has decreased. We give a method for detecting network threats and remediating them instantly.

The cost of an attack exceeds any possible ransom payment. It is the lost data, reputation management, and unavoidable downtime that cost a large amount of money, as well as the regret and “I should have” phrases.

Are you prepared to invest in your peace of mind and uptime? Call us at (207) 835-4053 or visit our contact page today.

Need Help?

Get In Touch For a Free Buisness Assessment For Your Company

Do you know that over 62% of small businesses become victims of cyber-attacks?

We will analyze your business and provide you with recommendations on how to improve. We offer you with effective cyber security solutions and services to make your business more secure.

Advisory services

We have a team of security consultants, who have a wealth of experience. They can easily assess the existing risks and provide you with reports on where to improve. We will help you to make sure that your business is fully protected from all sorts of threats that may come on your way.

Managed security services

We also provide managed security services for small to medium businesses so you know that your network is always monitored and secure. We can help you overcome both internal and external threats that you are dealing with. While at the same time ensuring devices are secure and your employees have appropriate access.

Audits and assessments

We provide you will audits an assessments to help you identify and understand any cyber security risks you might have and how to eliminate them. Our team can help you build the right security solution that is affordable and protects your small to medium form cybersecurity threats.

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