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Maximize Infrastructure Up-time and Performance With Managed Services

Our extensive expertise offers End to End IT Solutions. This allows us to provide effective solutions to all of our client's technological needs.

Pegas Offers Expert Managed IT Consulting & Development Services; Ensuring Your Business IT Systems Are running at peak Performance and Proactively Solve Problems before They Become an Issue for your business.

A neglected IT department will cost your business when problems occur. Network and server failures will hinder, if not mitigate, your staff from performing their jobs, resulting in lost revenue. Our consistent, mitigateative approach will promptly address technical issues and avoid unnecessary costs. When a technological crisis does occur, we will work swiftly and diligently to bring your IT back to normal.

With a Pegas managed service contract, you are paying to mitigate issues instead of fixing issues as they arise. We will provide you with downtime mitigateion, infrastructure regulation, and regularly scheduled maintenance, all of which results in IT stability, performance, security, and hardware longevity.

Pegas Technology Solutions understands that system failure is an emergency to your company. Systems need to be up and running as soon as possible. Our relationship with our customers relies on protecting you from experiencing network outages, and other IT services. The adverse effects of server downtime is an additional drive to utilize the best practices and development of detailed reports.

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Plan for the future now to reach your goals

Technologies that Help You Reach Your Goals

When a business employs technological solutions for portions of the company, clients can expect more productivity and results for your employees. We at Pegas Technology Solutions designs technology that aligns with your business goals to contribute to your success.

We Can Simply Help You Plan For The Future.

We offer solutions that can automate these processes to save you time and money. Automation of tasks allows your employees to focus their attention on more crucial business goals. We can take on the CIO role in your company to help establish long-term solutions for your business.

Are you Tired of having IT Troubles?

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Your business deserves IT outsourcing and managed services that just work. The day you start using Pegas Technology Solutions you will stop thinking about all of your IT-related headaches and start to grow your business.

End To End Technical Support

End-user Technical Support

Our experts are always available to respond to your queries and fix all kinds of issues for you at any moment of the day. The end-user technical support services covers :

  • 24/7/365 availability
  • 100% white labeled
  • Email & Help desk support
  • US-based phone support
  • Live chat support
  • Response and resolution time SLAs
  • Dedicated quality assurance team
  • VM/Web hosting specialization
  • Certified information security
  • Certified support quality

Server Infrastructure Management

We oversee your services so you can enjoy high uptime, security, and speed. Our team ensures that your server doesn’t go through an unscheduled downtime, and in case of failures, restore services within minutes.

  • Security monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Server health monitoring
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Periodic server hardening
  • Regular performance optimization
  • Vulnerability monitoring and patching
  • Timely system updates
  • Backup & DR management
  • High availability maintenance

Why You Should Choose Pegas

Increase Security

We help our clients achieve a stable and secure information technology infrastructure. Our team can help you meet regulatory companies from PCI for online sales to HIPAA for healthcare.

Reduce Costs

Outsourcing IT management offers considerable savings of cost than an in-house technology team. Just imagine having to pay a two-person IT team can cost you 100 thousand dollars a year.

Transform Your IT

We are an End to End IT Company. We help you navigate the technology waters from lead driven website design to providing you with software that gives you a 360 view of your business.

Vendor Management

We have key contacts with many local and national technology providers, from your telephone company to Microsoft and AWS, allowing is to solve issues rapidly and to save you time.

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