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Email Marketing Services. Learn how we can simplify your business technology.

When it comes to sending out emails and collecting leads it can get tedious and frustrating if you are using a spreadsheet. In a matter of a weeks’ worth of time, we could automate many of your manual processes.

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Pegas Technology Solutions Offers Effective Email Marketing; Ensuring a strong Social presence for your brand.

Email is an effective way to speed up your prospects movement in the sales funnel. At initial contact, they don’t readily make a purchase. You need email marketing to establish and nurture your relationships with them. We will help you draft engaging email newsletters that reflect your brand, resonate your goals, increase click-through rates and speed up your sales cycle. We will also run automated email marketing campaigns for you. We will help you successful email marketing campaigns that will skyrocket your profits and increase your brand awareness.

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Why You Should Use Email Marketing For Your Business

The effectiveness of email marketing is undoubted. With two-thirds greater conversions and sales, greater effectiveness than Twitter and Facebook, and over 90% of daily users, email remains one of the best marketing strategies for businesses.

We will help you launch and run successful email marketing campaigns that will appeal to your prospects through valuable content and elegant design. Leverage email marketing to reach high click-through rates, drive website traffic, and enhance customer loyalty.

Email marketing is critical to any small business marketing toolkit. We help your business stay in contact with clients through automated targeted email campaigns that are lead scored and fully trackable.

Customizable Email Templates

Creating emails through spearhead mail is simple with our drag and drop editor. You can start from a prebuilt template or design your own from scratch. Start send professional emails today that will keep your customers engage with your brand.

A/B Testing

Keeping track of your email performance is critical, and by utilizing A/B split testing and data analytics you will be able to optimize your email campaigns and content to what your audience is looking for allowing you to improve conversion rates.

Email Automation

Using the spearhead mail campaign builder lets you built multi-touch automated campaigns based on user segments or send out traditional supplemental email blasts. Allowing to engage your audience without always managing your email system.

Email Marketing Services

Whether you have your email list or not, we build and grow them to let them do work for you. Through our proven email marketing strategy, we can ensure that you get your ROI. We can help you create your company’s monthly newsletters that have captivating subject lines, are automated, and personalized to fit a variety of prospects.

Email Marketing Strategy

Developing an effective email marketing strategy is vital to your business. If you don’t create a marketing plan, your email will end up in your recipients’ trash or spam folder. We will help you create a plan that helps you understand your audience, your business goals, your competitors, and more.

Advertising Campaigns

Our agency will advertise your lead magnets on social media or search engines to generate more subscribers. We would direct traffic from advertising to a custom landing page that allows people to opt-in to your email list.

Email List

Through our lead magnets and sign-up forms, you can grow your email list organically. The goal of the email list is to guide your recipients to a purchase. We will help you grow, organize, and segment your email list to ensure the success of your email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Software

Through the software that we use, you can personalize your emails and tokens, easily write subject lines, create relevant content, incorporate CTAs, and implement automated email marketing campaigns.


Your email marketing efforts will be useless if you don’t add relevant Call-To-Action buttons. Direct your prospects to the next steps in the sales funnel and increase lead conversions. We will craft inline or graphic CTAs, like headers and pop-up forms.


We will help you create weekly or monthly email newsletters that have a unique design and CTA buttons and offer valuable content. Rethink the email newsletter by letting your recipients make their own choices and not offering your products and services aggressively.

Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is a digital asset in the form of content, image, PDF, video, eBook, and more, that your prospects get for free in exchange for their email addresses. We will help you grow your email list and increase your leads by creating attractive lead magnets.

Email Marketing Reporting

Through analytics, we will keep track of your email marketing campaigns using key metrics and make necessary adjustments to improve them. You can easily generate and download performance reports using our software.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

You can and we have but we build focused targeted email campaigns. We often do not recommend buying email lists. This is because you might have the chance of becoming an annoyance to your recipients because they do not actually know you, you violate privacy rules, and there are a few chances of making sales.

On the other hand, we recommend building and growing a list of interested and curious individuals. You can gather their information through your site’s opt-in feature. You will lessen the chances of being opted-out and being an annoyance. Following through your prospects is important because it can generate leads and conversions for your business.

There are a lot of simple ways to build and grow your email list. We recognize the importance of creating valuable email content, so we always ensure that our clients’ emails are entertaining and attractive enough. We add opt-in features, social media sharing, and subscribe buttons, create gated content and landing pages, include a Call to Action to build and grow our clients’ email lists. There are a lot of simple ways to create an email list, and we can help you with that.

Almost every new business does not like the idea of email marketing. However, when done right, you can delight people with your valuable content and you can connect with your ideal clients on a more personal level. Running awesome newsletter and email campaigns will help build your brand and will grow your business in no time. We understand the importance of writing effective newsletters and emails, so our team of email marketers can assist you in your journey.

Once you have availed our email marketing services, we regularly monitor your email and newsletter performance using a tracking tool. We use advanced analytics that look at your Click-Through Rates, Customer Acquisitions, and Conversions. We provide meaningful reports so that we can adjust our goals accordingly. We also run tests to improve Click-Through Rates and Open Rates. Using advanced tools and automation will allow us to use each lead to tailor content for your emails and ensure that you get what you pay for.

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