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Application and Server Monitoring Services. Learn how we can simplify your business technology.

Accelerate your business growth with our digital transformation; We are a local IT Service Company in the state of Maine. We offer End to End IT Solutions, allowing us to cover every aspect of our client’s technology needs: sales, and digital marketing services.

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Pegas Offers Expert Application and Server Monitoring Consulting & Development Services; Ensuring Your Business IT Systems Are running at peak Performance and Proactively Solve Problems before They Become an Issue for your business.

As a business, nothing is more critical than your server, computer, and network infrastructure running at optimal performance levels. When your infrastructure has an issue, you need to have to the capability of detecting the issues early before it can cause you any serious problem or even cause downtime. Pegas Technology Solutions’ technicians and engineers utilize many remote monitoring tools, like computer and network monitoring systems, secure remote sharing, secure shell, etc. Many of these issues that occur can bring your employee(s) productivity to a standstill, such as application issues, software errors, and support questions. Most detected issues can usually be solved remotely, saving you for costs of having a technician onsite. There are times when issues can’t be resolved remotely, like a hardware failure. When that does, we will dispatch a technician to your site.

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How Application and Server Monitoring Services Can Help Your Business.

Performance Monitoring

Every application has different resource requirements that can affect how fast and responsive the applications are. For most business, they don’t keep a 20% resource buffer or they have an overabundance of resources, costing them a lot of extra money. We help you know when it is time to scale your server resource so everyone can perform their job at peak efficiency.

Application Monitoring

Monitoring your application is essential to keep your business running smoothly. You depend on the software to just work for you, 24 hours a day. You need to know if there could be something wrong. We monitor application logs and performance logs to keep you going.

System Monitoring

No matter what you might have been told from a sales profession, hardware fails and more often than we would like. We monitor the health of your servers and network devices and 95% of the time we know before the device fails completely. There is usually always a sign that a device will fail soon and without monitoring software to detect you could suffer from downtime

Security Monitoring

Application and server security is always in a constant state of flux with new attack methods being developed while security experts develop new techniques to protect your servers. We monitor your server security logs and we make sure that your information is safe and secure.

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