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Invoice Ninja an Opensource Invoicing Solutions

Using Invoice Ninja, you can easily send and receive invoices, as well as collect payments. Rewriting our most popular invoicing application from scratch, we've included a wide range of new features and improvements requested by our users.

Pegas Offers Expert Invoice Ninja Consulting & Development Services; Ensuring Key Stakeholders are involved with the Open Source ERP Implementation and Providing a Rapid ROI

Invoice Ninja is a time tracking and invoicing app for freelancers and small businesses. You can easily create and send invoices to your customers by email in just a few simple steps. Dedicated client portals for each of your customers list all the invoices they have paid and those that are still unpaid.

Invoice Ninja makes it much simpler to keep track of billable hours. You can use the built-in timer to record your work hours against the customer by creating Tasks as you go. To send an invoice to a client, all it takes is one more click after you’ve logged your time. Of course, you can postpone it for later if you prefer to combine many tasks into a single invoice.

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How ERPNext Can Help Your Business.

Track Product Inventory Levels

Define the minimum and maximum quantities of each product. As products are invoiced, inventory levels are immediately lowered.

Attach PDFs of invoices and quotes to emails.

Provide your customers with another simple means of sharing and archiving your invoices.

Recurring Invoicing

Billing long-term customers automatically with regular invoices allows you to save time.

Client-Side Portal

In a single glance, your clients can see all of their transactions with you.

Customize Invoice Fields

You can create custom invoce fileds to track any KPI that you need or extra fields that are important to your business.


Invoice Ninja may be integrated with any app using the power of Zapier.

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Why You Should Choose ERPNext!


Invoice Ninja has been designed with customization in mind. They system and be integrated with almost any software that your business currently employs thought an API interface or database queries. The software is used in most major industries.

Easy To Use

Invoice Ninja is easy for anyone to use, allowing for any of your employees to use the software. The software and run on any device that supports a web bower, while still coming with mobile apps so you can always have access to your information on the go.

It's Open Source

Invoice Ninja is an on open source Invocie app solution that is released under the AGPL v3. This allows for your business to deploy and customize the software with your process and workflow without paying costly licensing fees that comes with proprietary software.

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