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When it comes to sending out emails and collecting leads it can get tedious and frustrating if you are using a spreadsheet. In a matter of a weeks’ worth of time, we could automate many of your manual processes.

Pegas Technology Solutions Offers Effective Marketing Automation; Ensuring a strong consistent presence for your brand.

Marketing automation by Pegas provides your business with a powerful business automation software and aligning it with your marketing strategy. Small to medium business benefit from our solution the most, being cost effective and easily allowing you to automate multi-channel campaigns. By using our solution, you will be nurturing and converting potential prospects with relative ease. You will be tracking your business interaction with customers never live before, create lead generation forms, create custom landing pages, create beautiful email templates and so much more. 

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With Mautic or most other marketing automation software you will gain new insights into your potential customers and their tendencies. When using our solution, you will be able to automate and send thousands of messages to your customers in a matter of minutes. Our software solution allows for streamlined workflows to send out a sequence of message out automatically set on a schedule that works for you. No longer do you have to worry about connecting with your customers. By using marketing automation, you will be building lasting relationships that scale to the size of your business. Get back to managing your business and spend less time nurturing leads.

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Does your website provide a steady stream of customers? Get a Website that is Designed and Developed to deliver Maximum ROI. The truth is many businesses are getting left behind by not selling their products online. Today brick and mortar stores are closing at an alarming rate and by not adapting to the changing landscape many businesses will fail. Ensure the future of your business and start to sell your products all over the world with an E-commerce store.

Deliver Newsletters, Track Customer Relations, and more…

Basic Customer Management

Businesses can use the data gathered from their campaigns to improve their marketing efforts. A Detailed feedback of campaign reports lets organizations improve their marketing.

Campaign Monitoring

Landing pages provide businesses with an additional benefit, landing pages provide key information to help monitor site traffic and also allows download monitoring for asset management.

Campaign Management

Campaign management is another key benefit that is possible to achieve via the use of campaign management tools & drip program through our chosen system

Landing Page Builder

Mautic comes with a robust landing page builder that will allow you to display content, reviews, forms, assets, etc. Marketing automation has never been easier for landing pages to capture key information from customers.

Social Media Integrations

Social Media Integrations is a privilege organization can now afford. With fantastic opportunities to connect with contacts and potential customers, businesses can burgeon.

Drip Marketing

For good marketing automation program, Campaigns and drip programs are critical and Mautic understands this need better than most. It comes with flexible, easy-to-use campaign management and drip program creation.

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