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Pegas Technology Solutions Offers Effective Instagram Advertising Services; Promote Your Brand and Nurture Your Relationships and engage your audience, and build a community.

In terms of audience engagement, Instagram surpasses Facebook and Twitter – making it a wonderful marketing platform for businesses. However, business owners don’t have the wealth of time to create, run, and monitor their ad campaigns. This is where we can do the part for you. We can run your ad campaigns on your behalf, so that you can focus on your core business.
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Increase Website Visits Instantly

Create Instagram ads that will drive high traffic volume to your website.

Increase Lead Conversions and Sales

With our Instagram ad services, you will see an increase in your leads and sales in no time.


Cost-effective Instagram advertising services that yield positive results.

Why Hire An Advertising Agency?

Hiring an expert advertising agency that has been in business for years will save you from the pains of figuring out the ins and outs of social network advertising. You can save on costs and achieve the results you want, within a short time period.

We have what it takes to run your ad campaigns successfully. We will create and write your ad copies, conduct A/B split tests, track your ad performance, use lookalikes, and send you reports. We will get the job done until it satisfies you. Let us do the work for you.

Why We Stand Out

In-House Instagram Ad Specialists

Our team of Instagram ad specialists are educated with the latest trends and best practices in running ad campaigns. Our specialists are in-house so they can closely monitor the performance of your campaigns.


We will focus on key metrics to measure the effectiveness of your ad. We will measure your conversion rates, ad frequency, returns, CPC and CTR so all you have to do is focus on running your business.


We provide all the services you need for your business, be it facebook and Pinterest marketing, graphic design, email marketing, and more. Our team of experts has what it takes to help you expand your business.

Our Social Media Advertising Process Explained

Dedicated Social Media Manager Account

We help you maximize your budget and achieve results in your ad campaigns. We gathering data about your business, competition, and market.

Advertising Plan

Before we run any of your campaigns, we will help you create a clear social media advertising game plan for your business. This is to ensure the success of our marketing efforts.

Create Attractive Social Ads

After thorough planning, our ad specialists will create several ad copies you can choose from, write your taglines, and design your ad images or videos.

Optimize and Measure Your Ad Performance

We will monitor all your ad campaigns and assess their performance based on your key metrics. We will then identify which ads are performing well and which ones need improvement.

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Our Instagram Advertising Services Explained

Instagram Advertising Plan

Your ad specialist will do research of your business goals, market, competitors, buyer identity, and expectations. If you have existing ad campaigns, we will conduct an audit. Then, we will create a SMART Instagram advertising plan.

Instagram Copy Creation

The next step is to develop your ad copies. Our expert ad specialists will write captivating headlines and descriptions and select appropriate images. You will be given several ad copies to choose from. We will not launch your ad campaigns until you’re satisfied.


We will optimize your ad copies by conducting A/B split testing, targeting, ad frequency monitoring, proper ad placement, and retargeting. We will monitor your ads and pause low-performing ones. Cost-effectiveness and results are guaranteed.


We will generate reports based on the data we gathered. You will be regularly receiving weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly, for your satisfaction. Reports will be generated weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. We will generate reports based on your key metrics.

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