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OpenShift Platform as A Service Consulting and Deployment. Learn how we can simplify your business technology.

Private cloud hosting allows for a greater focus on software development in a secure environment. Scalability is efficient over the middleware application being used.

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Pegas Offers Expert OpenShift Consulting & Development Services; Ensuring Your Business IT Systems Are running at peak Performance and Proactively Solve Problems before They Become an Issue for your business.

Easily develop, host, and scale your applications

Today businesses are faced with a difficult decision. Do you keep your IT system on-premise or do you move to the cloud? For most business it clear that moving to the cloud is the best option. It allows for better security, reliability, easy access for your employees. The cloud lets your business scale by offering you affordable business applications, like email, ERP and CRM software, unified communication solutions, etc.

With Pegas Technology Solutions cloud solutions, we can have your business application running in a matter of day vs. months and support your business into the future. I in past businesses would have to purchase expensive servers, backup solutions, battery backups, various networking equipment, and have staff on site to manage it all. With the cloud, everything is located in a secure data center and maintained by our experienced engineers. We can leverage cutting edge virtualization technology to keep your cost down, offer you a safe and managed solutions, and allow for your staff to focus in business adjectives and not the technology you need to run your business.

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The Openshift Platform Accelerates Your Software Development By Promoting Development Methodologies.

OpenShift deployment is a smooth streamline process. Utilizing standardized developer workflows allow for a reliable, repeatable process for application delivery. With snapshots, your applications will be backed-up, restorable, and cloned to ensure its availability. Though continuous integration and release management the OpenShift platform allow for code testing and automation processes that will promote or cancel an application release depending on test results. More automated processes include Dependency and Build Management tools. These tools allow for automated processed to identify dependencies of source code to distinguish the required libraries required to build the complete application.

Code deployment is performed by a simple “git push” command. The OpenShift platform features a Git Distributed Version Control and Source Code Management System. Git protocol utilizes SSH to produce a fast, secure, controlled management application source code. OpenShift can do all this with a multiple application development lifecycle environments. Openshift’s applications allow for adoption and implementation of PaaS platform without changing current mythologies or processes.

Open Shift Features Many Tool To Assist A Systems Administrator With Everyday Tasks.

Remotely Manage Your PaaS

A Remote Login tool allows users to have access to application containers deployed on the PaaS remotely. Though the user will only see their processes, file system, and log files. Users such as Developers will be able to access their projects to build and manage their best applications.

Command Line Tools

OpenShift provides the DevOps team with Command Line tools allow developers full access to the PaaS. By creating scripts, your developers can provide automated interactions to your instances.

Web Console Developer interface

The interface makes applications to easily accessible on a variety of devices from mobile smartphones and desktop workstations. Developers love this feature because it allows them to create, modify, and manage their applications through the cloud.

Integrated Environment

Integration with IDEs such as Eclipse, JBoss Developer Studio, and Titanium Studio will allow developers to work with the IDE that they are most experienced and comfortable.

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