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Social Media Marketing Consulting . Learn how we can simplify your business technology.

Learn how many local business owners are starting to turn their websites into assets for their business. They are now generating more leads to bring in more customers.

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Pegas Technology Solutions Offers Effective Social Media Management; Ensuring a strong Social presence for your brand.

Through our Professional Social Media Marketing and Management Services, you can increase brand awareness, forge customer relationships, and drive high site traffic.

Increase Brand Awareness

An effective way to promote your brand is through referrals and word of mouth marketing. These marketing strategies lead to higher conversions and stronger customer loyalty. We will use our social media marketing tools to help you do market research, run marketing campaigns, and target your ideal customers.

Forge Customer Relationships

In any kind of business, it is important to provide your customers with value through engagement. If you offer them what they need and nurture such through social engagement, you are likely to create a strong bond between you and the customer. We will help you examine and rethink your customer relationship management strategies.

Drive High Site Traffic

For newly-launched websites, it may be a challenge to increase site visits initially. Using attractive landing pages, sign-up forms, and social ads, we will help you multiply your site visits, so that you will only have to worry about conversions and customer purchases. What’s more, we can utilize retargeting to nurture your leads.

Professional Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses


Facebook remains the strongest marketing platform - with diverse users from across the globe. Learn how to target your prospects and promote your products and services.


“A picture tells a thousand words” – that still remains a powerful principle. Pinterest appeals to the visual sense, which makes it an easy marketing platform. Entice your potential buyers using attractive images.


Though this platform has a narrower user age range, Instagram is still worth utilizing for your marketing campaigns. You can explore new marketing avenues and reach out to potential buyers.


Thought you can never market on LinkedIn? Yes, you can. By utilizing this social media platform for professionals, you can exhibit your expertise in your niche and attract prospects.


Being in the in the internet world for more than a decade, Twitter has remained a powerful social platform. If you master Twitter marketing strategies, you can tap on a wider market to promote your business.

Social Media Marketing Platforms

Each social media platform is unique and has its own advantages. Facebook is a good starting point to establishing your brand. Choosing the platforms depends on your buyer personas'.

Affordable Social Media Marketing Services That Work

Account Manager

You will be assigned to an account manager who will be responsible for your overall social media campaigns. You can schedule a meeting with your account manager at your convenience.


Before we begin any campaigns, we will first come up with a suitable marketing plan. We will conduct market research and competitive analysis and create a buyer persona.

Social Ads

We will then create a content schedule based on your marketing plan and create social ads that reflect your brand identity and business needs. Paid ads help most busy get a jump start and consistent incoming lead database.

Optimization and Tracking

Through our software, we can easily monitor the progress of our campaigns and make necessary adjustments. We will utilize analytics to track each social marketing activity.


We keep the communication lines open, so we ensure that our clients regularly get reports. You can easily schedule meetings with us to discuss the progress of your social media marketing campaigns.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Using our services, you will expect an increase in your customers, loyalty, and traffic. We will regularly track the performance of your social campaigns.

Our lead time is 1 to 3 months, and your key metrics will grow further in the succeeding months. If you continuously avail of our services, you will see a constant increase in your brand loyalty, engagement and referrals.

Within the first month since the campaign launch, your followers will grow by 200-300. We do not buy likes, so you will only see an organic growth in your following.

In our initial appointment, you will be given a form to accomplish for your social content preferences. After gathering data, we will then come up with a social strategy.

Providing your own content is not a prerequisite. But if you do have your content, we can use it for your social media campaigns.

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