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Business Data Protection: Why it’s Critical and How it Works
Data is a hot commodity in today’s business world. You may not have paused to consider it, but a business like yours possesses data that can reveal company secrets and...
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What is Lurking Behind Your Network
Your network closet could potentially host some scary things in it. You may also discover that these components serve to generate huge network traffic without you knowing or understanding why...
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Casebox for Business
Casebox is a web-based content management application that can greatly compliment the working structure of any business. Most of the businesses these days are producing a large amount of data...
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Casebox for Lawyers
Casebox is an attractive and a very easy to manage tool in which you can easily and safely secure all the information of your organization. There are many features in...
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5 Reasons To Use Open Source Software
An open source software refers to a computer application whose source code is available and accessible for the public to analyze or customize as per the requirements. There is no...
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Nextcloud for Business
Nextcloud works similar to Dropbox other than the fact that it is a free and open source software which allows any user to install and operate it on their private...
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Small Business Password Management Solution
One of the most basic features of a password manager is to save your credentials whenever you try to enter a secure website or application and then offer to fill...
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10 Reason you need a Document Management System
Data and keeping track of key documents are essential to businesses as turning a profit, or breaking even is. Records are kept of clients and transactions, as soon as the...
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Bitwarden for Business
One of the best things about bitwarden is that it is an open source password management software and the code is available on a website and anyone can easily review...
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What Is An Open Source Software?
For someone who is not too much into the computer field, the term “open source” may sound absolutely original. Fundamentally speaking, it refers to anything that is publicly available and...
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