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Nextcloud – Passman an Open Source Password Manager
Passman is an open source password manager that allows you to post and secure all of your passwords using your Nextcloud or ownCloud instance. It is not only very easy...
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Casebox for Business
Casebox is a web-based content management application that can greatly compliment the working structure of any business. Most of the businesses these days are producing a large amount of data...
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Casebox for Lawyers
Casebox is an attractive and a very easy to manage tool in which you can easily and safely secure all the information of your organization. There are many features in...
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Nextcloud for Business
Nextcloud works similar to Dropbox other than the fact that it is a free and open source software which allows any user to install and operate it on their private...
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10 Reason you need a Document Management System
Data and keeping track of key documents are essential to businesses as turning a profit, or breaking even is. Records are kept of clients and transactions, as soon as the...
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Why Does My Business Need A Document Management System?
Introduction Document Management which is also commonly referred to as the Document Management System (DMS) is a tool that offers a lot more than cloud storage to your business. Simply...
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Nextcloud for Education
Students, researchers, and teachers that are in the education department usually deal with a large amount of data. There is a lot of data traveling in the education sector such...
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Why Your Small Business should Be Using Document Capture Software
Document capture is the important step of any document management system where physical documents are converted into digital form and stored electronically. As more and more organizations are making a...
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How Can Alfresco Help Your Business?
Introduction There is no argument over the fact that Alfresco is typically a better investment when compared to many other enterprise content management systems. When you compare solutions like Square...
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How Document Capture Software can help your Maine Business
Introduction When a Maine small to medium business start to become paperless and take a modern approach to document management they can spend hours importing their documents into an open...
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