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How to Choose the Best IT Services Provider
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As you scale up your business, your technology needs are expected to grow as well. Companies are now discovering that they can save time and money by hiring the right IT Services Provider. Managed IT Services allows you to add more muscle to your existing IT staff and infrastructure by partnering with an established provider who will handle your network, computers, servers, and all your IT needs.

This is the perfect choice for companies that wants the most out of technology but lacks the resources to hire and manage a large IT team. Choosing the right partner is a daunting task. With all the choices available, it’s hard to narrow down which Managed IT Services Provider is the right fit for your business. Here are some things you need to look for in an IT Services Company to help you make the right decision.

What to Look for in an IT Services Company

Managed IT Services allows your company to transfer all the responsibility in monitoring, maintaining, and managing your entire IT system to your MSP (Managed Services Provider). This is valuable for small and medium businesses that don’t have the resources to scale their business, unlike large enterprises with huge IT budgets.

Quick Response

An ideal MSP can provide guaranteed response times. They will solve your IT issues most quickly and efficiently, even if they need to do it onsite. Stay away from contractors who go straight to voicemail when you call or forwards your call to a call center.

Downtime can cause tremendous loss to productivity and revenue, so you need a partner who can deliver fast service every time. This is where choosing a local provider is critical; proximity to your location helps get a faster response time.

More than a Repair Service

Your MSP should be more than just a repair service for your IT problems. They should be experienced in the industry you are in and should be able to recommend solutions that meet your requirements.

They should communicate clearly and not use tech jargon when dealing with non-IT employees and staff. You can ask them to assist you in technology planning for the future. IT experts can recommend ways to save money and improve efficiency using technology.

 24/7 Support

Your IT network is up 24 hours a day which means you can encounter problems at any time. They should monitor your network 24/7 and act on any issues that crop up before they cause major downtime. When choosing an IT services provider, make sure they are available 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


A good MSP will protect from cyber-attacks and hackers. They have packages that include regular security testing and monitoring for cyber threats.

You can have peace of mind that your network is free from viruses, malware, and hackers who are out to steal your precious data. Your provider should have the latest technologies that can block data intrusions and remove them before they can access your network.

Business Continuity

You never know when a disaster might hit your office, like a storm or flood, which may impact your IT operations. A good MSP provides disaster recovery solutions like cloud backups to ensure that you can always access your IT in the event of a disaster onsite.

Fits Your Budget

A reliable MSP has numerous packages that can cater to your needs and budget. You can scale up or down at any time, which is something you can’t do as quickly and cost-effectively without an MSP. Look for a provider that offers multiple solutions for your business like hosted cloud services, virtual CIO, mobile device management, wireless services, VoIP phones, to name a few. Armed with various solutions, a good MSP can offer a customized IT solution for your specific needs.

Pegas Technology Solutions: IT Services Provider in Maine and New England

At Pegas Technology Solutions, we are passionate about technology. We believe that IT infrastructures must work efficiently for businesses to thrive. When we start on an IT project, we study your business and know what your specific goals are.

We then work with you to come up with a solution that will improve efficiency and productivity. Your success is our priority. Leave all your technology worries to us and focus on other tasks for your business.

We understand that not all business IT needs is the same. We analyze your existing IT structure and recommend solutions that can upgrade your system to achieve your business targets. IT is a broad spectrum; you can rely on us to have the solutions for all your IT service needs.



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