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Open Source ERP
The Top 6 Open Source ERP Software Systems
ERP, or enterprise resource planning, is a holistic software suite used to manage a business’s operations. An ERP is meant to integrate many company systems to increase efficiency and productivity....
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Email Marketing KPIs that You Should Measure in 2021
Email marketing has proven to be one of the most trusted methods in communicating with consumers and prospects. But just like any other marketing strategy, email won’t move the needle...
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How to Choose the Best IT Services Provider
As you scale up your business, your technology needs are expected to grow as well. Companies are now discovering that they can save time and money by hiring the right...
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What is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system? And why should corporations take advantage of it?
If you are already certain that your business needs an all-in-one enterprise solutions system, you may skip this section. Today, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) confront many of the same...
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Now is the Best Time to Use Microsoft Office 365 for Business
It’s quite hard to find people who are not familiar with Microsoft applications. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint have been used in businesses for years. Excel spreadsheets are used in small...
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Good Computer Habits For 2021
Computers have become a part of our lives, and to make the most out of them, we need to develop good computer habits for 2021. Once we familiarize ourselves with...
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