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Sentrifugo an Open Source Human Resource Management System
Introduction Technology has undoubtedly changed our lives, the way that society works, and the workplace. The world has changed dramatically the way we used to manage it. The digital world...
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Importance Of Customer Relationships Management
Introduction The success of a certain business can easily be judged by the how they are handling or managing their relationships with its customers, the better the management, the more...
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Three Reason your Small Business Needs Managed IT Services
Introduction Being in business is tough, many Maine small to medium business overs will face many challenging situations. Like the plow guy not showing up when he said he would,...
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10 Reasons Your Business Needs To Be Using Email Marketing
Introduction In the modern era of internet and technology, hardly do you get to find a business that doesn’t make an active use of email marketing. What you need to...
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How can Google Apps Help my Business
Introduction Google Apps is a set of cloud computing tools, applications, and products that were developed by Google. The services offered by Google Apps may assist your business to be...
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Importance of managed IT services
Introduction Instead of burdening your company with extra staff, space, and equipment many companies are outsourcing their IT related tasks to third-party IT companies. One of the major reasons for...
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What are Your Business’ Biggest Handicaps?
No matter how big your business is, it will encounter problems. While issues like revenue and employee morale can stifle growth, those can usually be solved by a few simple...
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How ERPNext can help your Business
Introduction Every enterprise possesses its own collection of processes, products, and services which make it one of a kind. Unfortunately, the majority of businesses meet similar operational challenges over time....
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Top 5 Password Managers of 2017
Introduction A few years ago, the standard for a great password manager was to store your passwords in an encrypted storage space simply. Nowadays, the top password managers have multiple...
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How can Office 365 Help my Business
Introduction You have heard the talk on Office 365. You may even have gone through its tools and features yet you are still skeptical as to whether it is the...
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