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Threat Hunting and Security Risk Assessment for Your Business
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One of the biggest challenges in cybersecurity is when you don’t realize that your organization has been compromised. The old way of responding is to wait for visible signs of a cyber attack. Hackers are evolving with technology, and it’s no surprise that most present-day attacks are stealthy, targeted, and data-focused.

Welcome to the world of Cyber Threat Hunting! Not knowing whether your network has been compromised or not until significant damage is already experienced is a nightmare for any CIO. This is why security professionals have developed a way to hunt for threats on their networks proactively.

Why Your Business Needs Threat Hunting?

Threat hunting is the act of tracking and defeating cyber adversaries from your network as early as possible. Early detection and remediation are the mantras of cyber threat hunting experts. They believe that mitigateion is ideal, but detection is a top priority. Technology is evolving rapidly, and we live in a time when it’s almost impossible to eliminate every threat to your organization.

At Pegas Technology Solutions, our threat hunters dig deep to find potential threats that have slipped past your entry security defenses. An attacker can sneak in and remain in your network undetected for months while quietly collecting data, look for confidential files, or obtain login credentials that allow them to move around your environment.

To mitigate this scenario from happening, companies need to keep abreast of the latest cyber threats and respond quickly to potential attacks. Our cybersecurity experts assume that adversaries are already in your system, so they investigate to look for unusual behavior that may indicate the presence of a threat. We monitor your system 24/7 and eliminate threats from remaining in your network.

Why Your Business Needs Security Risk Assessment?

We hear about cyber attacks regularly; the question is, how protected is your organization from cybersecurity threats? What would happen to your company in the event of a full data breach? Is your business capable of bouncing back after data loss and deal with angry customers?

Traditional anti-virus, firewalls, and encryption methods are not enough in this tough cyber environment that we do business in. A small mistake in your layered security approach can leave you compromised and vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Without a Security Risk Assessment, you can never manage the risks when the inevitable happens. Our security risk assessment experts at Pegas Technology Solutions can help protect your business long term and help reduce risks effectively.

In a world where cyber-attacks and data breaches are common worldwide, availing of security assessment services should be part of your cybersecurity plans. Some business owners may look at regular security risk assessments as a hassle, failure to conduct them and being exposed to threats are greater consequences.

Pegas Technology Solutions for Your Threat Hunting and Security Risk Assessment Needs

Today’s businesses should start taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity. The old way of waiting for an attack to happen before responding can lead to irreparable damage that can cause your company to close down.

Threat Hunting

Our cyber threat hunters gather as much information about your attackers’ methods, actions, and goals. We analyze data to determine trends in your network environment, eliminate current vulnerabilities, and lay out plans to enhance security.

Our hunters are battle-tested and have ample experience fighting hackers and keeping them from doing damage to your business. Our experts can identify sophisticated attacks by analyzing the data collected from your network. We have the resources to respond to any threat discovered. Don’t let stealth attacks destroy your business; let our threat hunters find breaches that would otherwise go undetected for days, months, and years.

Security Risk Assessment

When you partner with us for Security Risk Assessment, you will have updated and effective systems that can protect your business from cyberattacks, data breaches, and all forms of malicious threats.

Our security risk assessment experts will look at your existing setup and lay out a plan of how you can upgrade as you move forward. We identify system vulnerabilities and potential threats and evaluate your current IT department.

Once a complete analysis is done, we will work with you to develop security goals that are compatible with your objectives as a whole. Let Pegas Technology Solutions protect your business from digital criminals. Give us a call or send us a message to know more about our Threat Hunting and Security Risk Assessment Services today.

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