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Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth for Managed IT Services?
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Can a Managed IT Services Provider help your business? We can all agree that technology is an important aspect of business operations nowadays. There’s no doubt that without the latest innovations in place, we wouldn’t operate with such efficiency and productivity. Technology doesn’t come cheap. The latest hardware, software, and hiring people to manage and maintain them can cost an arm and a leg, and most small and medium businesses can’t afford such investments.

The good news is, there is a way to save on costs and get the best technology running in your business operations: Managed IT Services. If your company is thinking about outsourcing your IT support to an MSP(Managed Service Provider), you need to know if your spending won’t waste. At first, it seems like a no-brainer. Imagine hiring IT experts to take care of your IT requirements while you save on building your own IT department. But before signing that MSP contract, let’s find out how much you are really saving with MSPs.

IT Staff

To know how much you are saving on your MSP regarding IT staffing is how much of the services are you getting. There are two approaches to managed services when it comes to IT staffing, MSP in place of IT staff or MSP in addition to IT staff.

For small businesses, it makes more sense to hire an MSP than hiring an IT team. You can outsource help desk staff, network admin staff, data administrators, security administrators, and managers to oversee them all. Paying a fixed fee monthly for all these services would save you a ton on salaries and benefits alone.

The same goes with hiring an MSP in addition to your IT staff. You can check if paying an employee to handle network support, administration, and troubleshooting, for example, is more expensive than hiring an MSP to do all the tasks for you.

In some companies, the IT role is just another task given to an employee who knows about IT. Think about the productivity you are losing if you are letting your non-IT staff take care of IT support when the need arises? In this regard, an MSP seems to be the more cost-effective solution than hiring an entire IT team.

If an employee spends half of his time fixing printers, installing software, or providing IT support for other employees, how much of his work can he accomplish? This is where hiring a managed services partner can come in handy and lead to cost savings.


No matter how expensive or high-tech your hardware may be, there will come a time when it will break at some point. Knowing how much you lose due to system outages can help you make the right decision if you need to leave the maintenance and repair tasks to an MSP.

When you calculate downtime hours for your network, internet, email, servers, computers, laptops, and all other IT equipment, you will have an idea of how much money you are saving when a managed services provider is on-call every time you experience downtime. More than reducing downtime, the benefit of improved productivity helps your entire staff be more efficient with their jobs.

Benefits Of Hiring A IT Support Company?

There are benefits to partnering with a Managed IT Services company that does not appear on the spreadsheets.

Less Stress

Having experts to handle your IT needs can give you peace of mind even during system breakdowns. Not having to worry about cyber-attacks and other IT stressors can boost the synergy of your entire workforce.

Employee Retention

Are you familiar with how much turnover you may have experienced because of frustration due to technical difficulties? A high employee turnover in IT, clerical, and sales positions can impact costs of attracting new hires, training, and retaining your staff. Are you still having second thoughts about Managed IT Services?

It only takes a simple cost comparison of how much you lost due to IT issues during the past year and calculate how much you would have paid for managed services to fix the problem. The right managed service partner can help you with all your IT problems and provide the best services to keep your business running smoothly.

At Pegas Technology Solutions, we can show you all the benefits you can receive when you partner with us for your IT Support needs. Allow us to remove the stress with your IT systems. You’ll be amazed at the cost savings you’ll get when you avail of our services. Give us a call or send us a message on our website today. Our IT experts are ready to take your call.


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