How To Market Your Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

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Like any other business owner, you may be thinking of ways to create a consistent influx of new customers and increased profit. To achieve this, you need to conduct marketing strategies. Here are ways to market your accounting business:

  1. Use Content Marketing.

Create original content for your business, such as a blog post, e-book, newsletter, video, webinar, and more. Make sure that the content you create would provide solutions to the challenges that your target audience face. If done correctly, this method will help you increase your customers’ loyalty to your website and your business.

  1. Convert Content Into Leads

For a higher rate of lead conversion, offer your content in exchange of your site visitors’ details including their email addresses. You can build an email list and launch any targeted marketing campaigns in the future.

  1. Utilize Social Media.

With different social media platforms come different marketing strategies. Tailor your approach to each network, and you could maximize the results of your marketing campaigns. Build your online community and following – then, you can establish your business. Regularly post content on your social media pages and that you write your complete business details.

  1. Advertise On Social Media.

As social media users increase, marketers and business owners are now advertising across social media platforms. Once you have established your social following and designed your pages, you may soon launch targeted social ads. You can target a particular demographic/s and location. With this, you can increase brand visibility.

  1. Use Citation Listings.

List your accounting services on top online business directories. Or else, your competitors will take over the online market. Make sure that your listings on Yelp, Angie’s List, Yellow Pages, and Google My Business are updated and consistent. Look for niche-specific directories, such as,,, and more. Optimize your listings to have better chances of appearing on top search results.

  1. Have a Mobile-Responsive and an SEO-Optimized Website.

Your website’s pages and parts are SEO-optimized. You should optimize your landing page, your content, your page title, description, heading, subheading, images, and more. Make sure that your website is indexed and contains top search keywords. Always update yourself with the latest SEO trends, if you want your site to appear on top of organic search results. Also, your website should work well across all device types and screen sizes.

  1. Create Gated Content.

Offer free and valuable content to your site visitors in exchange for their details and email address. That content can be a free ebook or audiobook, accounting tips for their business, video, or a webinar. Everyone loves free stuff, so this is a proven marketing strategy that will help you build your mailing list.

  1. Run Automated Email Marketing Campaigns.

As you grow your email list, you can then launch segmented and automated email marketing campaigns. Write captivating content that highlights the services you provide and testimonials from your previous clients. You never know, your leads may convert into paying customers.

  1. Partner With Influencers.

Believe it or not, partnering with online influencers will help you establish your brand visibility and following. Invite vloggers, bloggers, and social media influencers to feature your business across their social media channels in exchange for your free service or monetary compensation. You would be surprised with the increase in your followers, and in turn, customers.

  1. Manage Your Reviews.

Reviews are an excellent way to guarantee your potential customers that you mean business. Invest in building your online reputation through reviews. Provide discount coupons or gift cards to your customers in exchange for giving your services a review. Your reviews also contribute significantly to your site ranking. Manage and value your reviews now, if you have not yet done so.

Try these methods now and keep your phone ringing.

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