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Get Your CPA and Accounting Company Listed Online

Consumers are always looking for business information to help them purchase. When searching for accounting services, they turn to their mobile devices to research and compare options. As such, your accounting company must show up in search results. To ensure this, get your business listed on major directories like Yelp, Google My Business, and Yellow Pages, as well as accountancy-specific listing sites like,,, Accounting Associations Networks Directory,,, and Xero Advisor Directory when creating listings make sure they are consistent and accurate – include details like your business category, available parking area, handicap accessibility, etc., too.

Create a Google My Business Page

As local search marketing experts advise, a Google My Business listing is essential for those looking to increase their ranking on Google searches for CPAs and accounting companies. Through the Google, My Business dashboard, you can add all relevant business information that will appear in knowledge graphs when potential customers are looking for you – with the bonus of promoting website content, offers, and events via Google Posts.

Optimize Your Website & Content for SEO

It is essential in the modern business world to have a comprehensive presence, and enhancing your website with search engine optimization (SEO) can further this purpose. Whether on the web or through other mediums like social media, it is necessary to ensure that your site’s content and design are informative and optimized for search engine visibility. Here are some key concepts of SEO you should consider to provide maximum online traffic:

Ensure Business Information Presence with Keyword-Optimized Messaging

Including your crucial focus keyword in your main messaging will help boost visibility when potential customers search related terms. For example, if you own a CPA and accounting firm based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and research finds that people are typically searching for “Best Accounting Firms in Atlanta,” include that phrase within the primary message on your home page.

Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Part of having effective SEO is making sure that the title tags on all pages of your website contain a keyword relevant to its content. Additionally, having meta descriptions brief yet comprehensive will encourage users to click through from the search engine results page (SERPs).

Clean URLs

All URLs must be easy-to-read and concisely written for others engaging with your website to understand what it offers at a glance.

No Duplicate Content

To separate yourself from other websites offering similar services or information, it is advisable to eliminate any duplicate content from yours in order not to run the risk of being penalized by search engines.

Image Optimization With Alt Texts & Proper Images Sizing

Each image posted on your site should have alt text, including keywords from pertinent searches and optimized sizing, so it does not slow down visitor loading speeds.

Mobile Responsiveness Design

With today’s most popular device for accessing online resources being mobile phones, you must create a fully responsive design explicitly meant for mobile usage. This will provide easier access and increase user-friendliness, leading to return visits and improved rankings on SERPs due to time spent viewing pages on-site vs. bouncing rates. Pro-tip: Securing CPA certifications can also prove advantageous to build credibility among viewers.

Create a Facebook Business Page

Considering the vast potential reach via social media outlets such as Facebook (2.13 billion active monthly users!), one of the best places for businesses like yours to start advertising would be creating a business Page thereon. After completion, you’ll receive numerous benefits; promotional abilities through original posting content unique to each target audience; events creation; polls; ad running; citation listing…among many other perks available across its varied range of channels accessible from one platform alone! Here’s a helpful guide specially made for setting up Facebook Business Pages.

Build Your Expertise with Content Marketing Strategies

If you want to gain a reputation as a popular Certified Public Accountant (CPA), writing about the subject and investing in content marketing can help you get your name out there. The Content Marketing Institute notes that many people are uninformed about accounting, taxes, and financial matters, so taking the initiative to write and share content will help establish yourself as an authoritative figure in the industry. Starting a blog is a great way to kick off your content marketing journey. After doing this, you can work on refining aspects such as website messaging and blog post topics that would be useful for potential customers.

What Content Marketing Can Do for Your Accounting Company

Effective dissemination of quality content makes it possible to attract leads that can eventually convert customers. Through blogging, specifically if done with clear-cut objectives, you can build up a presence for your company’s website. Furthermore, with proper keyword research and SEO optimization of posts, your site may appear in searches or even achieve a higher ranking, resulting in more online traffic directed toward your domain.

What You Can Write About

Consider any issues that may commonly arise for your clients or specific points that individuals within the target market are typically unaware of concerning accounting or finance management. For instance, how one might manage their finances responsibly, what software programs business owners should consider using, and guided resources applicable to filing taxes accurately over time might all be suitable topics to choose from. Aside from maintaining an independent blog outlet, you could even author guest posts on other more prominent websites related to the field to boost recognition of yourself as an expert voice in the space.

Run a Referral Campaign

Your current clientele is your best advertisers, so why not reward them with referral campaigns? Not only will this help strengthen your relationship with existing customers, but it will also prove highly beneficial to growing your business. Here are some ways you can increase referrals:

  • Incentivize your referrals. Offer your customers a 10% discount on their next purchase through you.
  • Give away Amazon gift cards.
  • Provide customers with their coupon code that they can use to access their incentive when making a referral.

Optimize Review Management

Maintaining a positive online brand is essential for success in the accounting industry. It would be best if you took responsibility for creating, responding to, and monitoring reviews to improve your business’s visibility and promote customer loyalty. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Make sure you’re listed on major sites such as Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, and local Chamber of Commerce pages.
  • Ask customers to leave reviews on these platforms.
  • Provide incentives or rewards for those who review you positively.
  • Make sure to respond (in 24 hours or less)to all reviews – positive or negative.
  • Your reviewers want to feel heard – show that you value their opinion by taking action on suggestions rather than ignoring concerns altogether! Additionally, consider automating review management; this way, you can monitor reviews from multiple sites in one place and keep track of online conversations about your accounting business without worry.

Use Local Bulletins to Promote Your Company

Creating compelling, attractive posters can be an effective way of advertising your services to the local community. Hire a professional graphic designer to help you make the perfect design for your poster, or utilize online tools such as Canva to make one yourself. You should also consider reaching out to local businesses such as bakeries, coffee shops, and grocery stores and asking if you can post information about your accounting and bookkeeping company on their bulletin boards.

Create a Holiday Calendar with Marketing Strategies

If you are looking for effective strategies to grow your company, mapping out holiday dates is a great place to start! When people are typically more cautious with their spending habits – such as during Black Friday, Thanksgiving Week, or Christmas – consider creating content with tips on how best to spend money wisely using your services. Additionally, it is always worth considering sponsoring some events or charities within the local community to give something back while simultaneously improving brand perception among potential customers.

Sponsor Events

In addition to providing helpful content surrounding financial planning, dedicating part of your marketing efforts towards charitable causes will improve customer impressions of your accounting business. Here are some ideas for giving back:

  • Become a career counselor at a local college or school.
  • Contribute funds or hold donation drives for charities needing support.
  • Sponsor events like carnivals held in the area you operate in.
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