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Application and Server Disaster Recovery

Without backing up computer systems and an effective disaster recovery plan how you know what will happen to your business when disaster strikes. We are a local IT Service Company in the state of Maine. We offer End to End IT Solutions, allowing us to cover every aspect of our client’s technology needs.

Pegas Offers Expert Application and Server Consulting & Development Services; Ensuring Your Business IT Systems Are running at peak Performance and Proactively Solve Problems before They Become an Issue for your business.

Without backing up computer systems and an effective disaster recovery plan how you know what will happen to your business when disaster strikes.

In the business world devices fail every day, and while we might take mitigateative measures, everything has an end of life date. It is a fact that devices fail, but we can take precautions. Many times, multiple tiers of precautions can be critical to protecting a business from device failures. Pegas Technology Solutions helps you develop a disaster recovery plan for your business so that you can recover quickly from a disaster. We configure redundancy for key services, do periodic restoration test of backups, create contingency plans to know what needs to be done when a service fails, and do periodic audits to all of your services. While you are using Pegas Technology Solutions managed it services, you will always have a team of IT professionals that have your back, when systems fail and disaster strikes.

Benefits Of Disaster Recovery For Small to Medium Business

Off Site

We manage an inventory of drives dedicated to physical backup, so even a meteor strike can’t stop your business.

Backup Management

Doing backups of your information technology creates a safety net, when a disaster strikes and you don’t have any other options. This is why doing the health checks of your backups are important because this is typically the last method to restore the data and service.

Restore Tests

Doing a test on backups are extremely important and at the end of the day, it could be what saves that database that runs your etire company.


Our replication servers ensure that a disaster will never know what hit it. Your company doesn’t stop, and neither should your system. With Cloud-based backups and Server Duplication, when one system goes down, another comes back kicking.

On Site

Keep the backup and restoration process moving. Dedicated software and hardware solutions that help drive the cloud-based and off-site backups.

Backup Capacity

It is important to ensure that you have enough backup capacity based on your disaster recovery plan. Without the right storage capacity, you might even not be able to complete a restoration of the data.

File Integrity Monitoring

When we do backups and restores not everything gets backed up properly to begin with. Without FIM monitoring your system might not restore all of the information properly costing time and money mater on.

Status Notifications

Our backup systems, as well as the communication between them, stay encrypted with the latest security standards. Our physical backups are always stored in double locked, infrared and audio monitored locations. We take this very seriously.

We Prepare For The Worst Of Instances.

Storms, natural disasters, drive failure, and user error that are a threat to your business. We prepare for these rare occurrences so that its effect will be minimal to you, our customers. Storing all of your important information in one place is risky. Backing up those important files in a separate, reliable, and easy to access secondary storage is a must. Our servers will back up your information at a safe, secure location.

Backing up data properly is a tedious task to be done correctly, but it is a necessary evil. We have the knowledge, resources, and expertise to conduct proper backup procedures. Your company needs its data to conduct business. If that data is lost then your business’s survival may be at risk.

Benefits Of Business Continuity For Small to Medium Business

Establish A Recovery Plan

During the creation a disaster recovery plan must be specific to your business. You can’t just download one from the internet and expect it to work for your business. We work with you to establish a plan that is right for your company’s goals and objectives.

Data Recovery Time

It is important that everyone knows what their part of the DR plan is. This can affect the time it takes to get all services running again. It is important to test the plan after it has been developed and established. This is a usually is in the form a mock test.

Infrastructure Redesign

Sometime based on the cost of downtime a company might decide to redesign network infrastructure so it is more redundant, containing more fail-over devices. The redesign needs to align to the company’s disaster recovery plan with current and future requirements.

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