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Floreant an Open Source Point of Sale System

Saving your business time and money. Never again will your point of sale software become obsolete.

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Floreant is an open source point of sales or POS, it is intuitive, filled with innovative features and free of cost. Floreant point of sales is a system that has been in development for the past eight years. By being open source Floreant is cost-effective for and small to medium business. Updates for the point of sales software and system installation are all made available to the general public free of cost. Making it one of the best platforms in the market for businesses that are just started out. Installing the software couldn’t be easier,

Floreant comes with a 90-second installation procedure, making it time effective. Autoconfigure database eliminates the fuss from the equation and makes the procedure systematic and easy. Floreant has especially been designed to be used in the restaurant sector. It takes account of the need to manage huge orders, people, kitchen and tables and the issues that arise with them.

How Point of Sale System Can Help Your Business.

Back Office Suite

Configuring stores and terminals are as easy as can be for the administrative department as access is immediately granted to the back office within a few clicks. Different payrolls and sales report can also be generated with the added luxury of taking care of menu items and their prices.

Easy to Install

Additionally, the Floreant POS was released in ZIP format as Autoinstallers often mess-up the system. Users can conveniently unzip and run the program with less mess, and no extra script running.

Easy to Customize

Customizable options are made available to the user, as the database is designed to handle different products. Users can create Dine In., Fast Food, Bar or any type of store in few clicks. An additional option of modification is also available to the user, to run a code depending on his/her requirements.

Its Your Data

Floreant POS also lets users exercise a certain degree of control. It offers kitchen printers and kitchen display options, the system can group printers and route accordingly.

Connect Peripherals

A key feature of Floreant POS is that it can directly connect cash drawer in each terminal. After managers have successfully assigned drawer to employees they can reconcile when they leave the store. Along with providing daily sales report with accounts receivable and payment details.


Advanced reports are easily available based on requirements. A standard set of financial reports including Sales analysis report, Sales Summary, Productivity, Hourly income and card transactions.

Get Started with a Point of Sale System Today?

Do You Manage Front End Sales In Your Business?

Connect your sales and inventory, automate the revenue process. Forget about dealing with hand tallying your daily receipts, get a fully integrated point of sale system. Small or large scale deployments are no problem. Centralized inventory management and distributed retail POS machines give you the power to handle your real life sales in real-time.

  • Sales System Gap Analysis
  • Database/POS/Hardware Support
  • Hosted Retail Solution onsite or in the cloud
  • POS Training
  • Inventory Database Migrations
  • POS Integrations

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