Tips for Cleaning Up Your Company’s Software

One morning, you arrive at work set ready to do business as usual, you turn on the company’s main computer server and it takes forever to boot. While some slowing may be natural, your company’s software or website could be facing a very serious malware problem and you need to take action immediately. You don’t need to panic though; malware and viruses are a common problem in many business applications and cleaning up your software should be your next step when faced with such problem of unresponsive computers in your business. Sometimes you log onto your computer only to meet unfamiliar applications filling up your desktop and your browser failing to respond according. This is an indication your website could be involved in the malware attack as well. When faced with these problems, don’t flip out, try these simple tips to guide you to clean up your software.


Enter Safe Mode

The very initial step in dealing with a malware threat is to enter your computer into safe mode. You don’t want to lose any of your files, so, putting the computer in safe mode ensures the protection of your files. You need to unplug all external devices that may be connected to the computer before rebooting it. Remove all CDs and DVDs as well as all USB drives and cables that are already plugged in, then shut down the computer and restart again. Upon restarting your computer, press the F8 key repeatedly to bring up the Advanced Boot Options menu. Once you are on this menu, simply select the “Safe Mode with Networking” then press Enter. With the Safe Mode on, only bare minimum applications and services run the computer. Thus, any malware which could be programmed to automatically load when windows start will be blocked automatically.

Back Up Important Files and Documents

You do not want to lose any crucial file or document as this may affect your business afterward. Just after realizing your company’s software could be threatened by a malware, do not hesitate to look for the ideal backup for your data. Be warned not to include program files when doing your back since malware usually hides in such file. After all, you can always download program files whenever you need. If you have been constantly backing up your data in the cloud, then you may have an easy time backing up only a few recent files and documents. There are various cloud-based solutions for companies today, and you can even find custom-tailored storage for your type of business which can be a great investment for any company.

Terminate Internet Connection and Run a Deep Scan

If you suspect your software is infected with a virus, stop everything and run a deep scan of your computer using your on-demand scanner. This scan will give you a list of all the programs affected and you can either uninstall them or remove them using any malware protection application that you have installed on your computer. You need to have installed a very genuine anti-virus pro application which offers an option of cleaning up any virus detected when scanning your computer. If someone on your team has an IT degree, see if they can recommend any good protection programs and anti-virus software.

Update your Operating System, Applications, and Browser

It has been noted that a number of malware target outdated software and applications. Whenever there is an update available for applications, browsers, and software, make sure you update them all to clean all malware that takes advantage of the outdated programs.

Having done all the above cleanup for your company and you are still facing problems, do not hesitate to contact an IT specialist to assist you in a further sophisticated cleanup. You don’t have to be a computer guru to clean up malware from your company software. Try out using the tips highlighted above and you can save your company the expense of hiring a computer specialist over something that you could have otherwise fixed.

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