Libre Office Vs. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has certainly been the only ruler in the world of office suites for years. But after seven years of consistent improvements, the latest installation in the series of Libre Office is all set to give Microsoft a tough competition. The comparison of Microsoft Office vs. Libre Office and how they compete against each other has been a hot debate on the internet these days. Considering how everyone is familiar with the basics of office suites, we have taken the liberty of mentioning the pros and cons of both the products to let you make an informed decision about the one that will be more suitable for your requirements.

Pros of Libre Office:

To begin with, Libre Office is free of cost so you won’t be spending even a bit of your money if you decide to opt for it. Being an open-source application, you can expect better customizability and security with the Libre Office which takes us to the next benefit. Thanks to its better security, Libre Office is absolutely suitable for personal, governmental, and security conscious workplaces. Libre Office is pretty much the only office suite that is compatible with all of the three major operating systems namely Windows, Linux, and Mac. Last but not the least, the Libre Office is compatible with almost all of the documents or worksheets formats.

Cons of Libre Office:

A few of the users have criticized stability of Libre Office. It is not as good in appearance as the applications by Microsoft, Apple, or Google. Both of these criticisms have gotten better in the last few releases though. If you are using it on an office-based or otherwise corporate server and wish to make use of online collaborations, you are going to need an IT expert for its manual installation. A few of the options or dialogs were found to be unintelligible.

Pros of Microsoft Office:

Being in the market for years, you know you can never go wrong with Microsoft Office. It’s powerful, it’s user-friendly, and it has the best range of features for collaborations. The latest version has been upgraded with minimal interface changes so you won’t have to go through the learning curve either. The interface does also remain the same regardless of whether you are using it on a desktop or mobile. Monthly upgrades and added features for subscribers of Office 365 is a plus as well.

Cons of Microsoft Office:

To begin with, it is not a free product. Despite the monthly upgrades, bugs of the previous version have still not have been fixed. What’s more is that if you are a standalone user, you will not get automatic updates as the subscribers of Office 365. Moreover, the mobile versions are not as powerful as the desktop ones. Being a closed source platform, the customizability is limited to a bare minimum.


As evident from the information mentioned above, both the Office suites have their pros and cons, and it is going to be your requirements which will determine the one better suited for you. Go through the pros and cons thoroughly to make an informed decision. You can also test run the Libre Office as it is free of cost and Microsoft Office with a trial period to have a hands-on experience of both the products. Now personally I have both on my devices. Recently I have been working more in libre office because our company Pegas Technology Solutions has been found on open source values.

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