Maine Expert IT Consultants

Strategic IT Advisors

Our extensive expertise offers End to End IT Solutions. This allows us to provide effective solutions to all of our client's technological needs. We are specialists in all areas ranging from complex network infrastructures to the latest ERP software. Our clients love us for our ability to resolve any of their concerns with just a simple call. Let us take your worries away.

Pegas Offers Expert Strategic IT Advisors For Your Business Success

Technology has become integral to how business run today. You need access to the internet almost constantly to respond to clients emails, keep up to date on the latest in your industry, and software that manages your business. When it comes to all of your data, the servers, computers, tablets, and any other device, it has come essentially that you have an experienced information technology team that has your back.

The team at Pegas Technology Solutions more than just another Managed Service Provider, we are relationship driven company. Almost every technology company can provide services that can manage all of your devices, maintain your network, and keep the lights on so to speak. However, our multi-discipline team has allowed us to offer our clients a unique perspective from how IT can impact your business regulatory compliances, to make data-driven marketing decisions.

The Pegas Technology Solutions team forges a true partnership with our clients. Our IT technicians take care of the day to day operations of your network and computer systems, and our IT Advisors help you build a roadmap for future success.

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Put Us to Work on Your Business Technology

Migrate to the Cloud

Trust our experts to help you build out your business technology infrastructure to accomplish your goals.

Team of Experts

You are dealing with a team of information technology experts, not an IT rookie that is looking to play with some new toys.

Innovation With Technology

Allow your team to build and optimize your products while we help with the technology that will work for your company

We're Invested

We are not in this for a paycheck. We are dedicated and committed to the quality and security of your IT Systems.

Maximize Your Investment

We have you drive more revenue into the bottom line. We have achieved the perfect technology stack for modern business.

Vendor Management

We have key contacts with many local and national technology providers, from your telephone company to Microsoft.

Are you Tired of having IT Troubles?

So Your Ready To Work Together?

207 - 835 - 4053
Your business deserves IT outsourcing and managed services that just work. The day you start using Pegas Technology Solutions you will stop thinking about all of your IT-related headaches and start to grow your business.

End To End Technical Support

End-user Technical Support

Our experts are always available to respond to your queries and fix all kinds of issues for you at any moment of the day. The end-user technical support services covers :

  • 24/7/365 availability
  • 100% white labeled
  • Email & Help desk support
  • US-based phone support
  • Live chat support
  • Response and resolution time SLAs
  • Dedicated quality assurance team
  • VM/Web hosting specialization
  • Certified information security
  • Certified support quality

Server Infrastructure Management

We oversee your services so you can enjoy high uptime, security, and speed. Our team ensures that your server doesn’t go through an unscheduled downtime, and in case of failures, restore services within minutes.

  • Security monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Server health monitoring
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Periodic server hardening
  • Regular performance optimization
  • Vulnerability monitoring and patching
  • Timely system updates
  • Backup & DR management
  • High availability maintenance

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