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Why You and Your Team Needs Regular Cybersecurity Training
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Businesses know that cybersecurity should be a priority in the way we run our companies today. Every business is exposed to potential cyber-attacks but why do many fail to implement basic cybersecurity policies and procedures?

Visit a tech news website and you’ll read news about hackers stealing data like passwords, credit card numbers, and other vital information. If your business experiences a data breach, you may lose the trust of your employees, customers, and prospects. It can also cost you huge legal fees and fines.

Do you really want your business to close down because you failed to implement cybersecurity procedures? Implementing security software, password managers and encryption is key but in some instances, they may not be enough.

Massive cyber attacks have become the news in the past few years, the most serious was a DDoS(distributed denial of service) attack that temporarily shut down major sites like Twitter, Amazon, Spotify, the New York Times, and other large sites all across the U.S.

As we continue to rely on the internet for storing valuable and confidential information, these types of attacks should cause alarm especially for business owners who have not taken cybersecurity seriously.

Based on data gathered by IBM, the average cost of a data breach is around $4 million. A huge amount that many businesses can’t afford to pay but the reality is only 29% of businesses have a cybersecurity expert on board.

The worst part is only 6% of businesses are open to investing in cybersecurity training. Even with basic measures in place like what we mentioned previously, the reason why they may not be enough to mitigate a cyber attack is the vulnerability of your employees.

Cybersecurity risk is on the rise as global connectivity and using the cloud are becoming widespread. Poor configuration of cloud services puts many businesses at risk of a data breach. Simple firewalls and antivirus software just won’t cut it anymore


Why You and Your Team Needs Regular Cybersecurity Training?

Hackers are targeting businesses as we speak. They also use the latest technology and automated tools to do their dirty work. They can send out billions of emails daily and it only takes one of your employees to click on a bad link to give them access to your system.

This is why providing up-to-date training on cybersecurity awareness is valuable for you and your employees. Cybersecurity compliance can be likened to a team sport like basketball or football. Each player has a role to fulfill and work actively to reach a common goal.

Any failure from a team member allows the opponent, in our context “the hackers” to beat you. Remember it takes only one mistake by any team member and a potentially disastrous breach can occur.

Regular security training can reduce the risk of a cyber attack by 72%. Our security experts at Pegas Technology Solutions can educate your organization and teach about the value of teamwork in mitigating cyber attacks.

Security Training Services from Our Experts at Pegas Technology Solutions

Most businesses rely on basic security practices like password managers, security software, and encryption. Hackers use the latest technology in committing their crimes so you need a high level of security to protect your organization. Chances are, once you’ve been hacked, hackers will continue to attack your organization.

You’ll be surprised that some if not all your employees don’t know that clicking links in phishing emails, using weak passwords, opening attachments from people you don’t know can open a breach where hackers can penetrate your system.

You should teach your staff about simple scams like phishing, ransomware attacks, and malware designed to steal personal data. Every decision made that relates to your companies network should be secured before implementation. A good example would be the plan for allowing your sales team to use their personal mobile phones to access your companies CRM system while mobile.

From a sales standpoint, this is a good idea that can boost productivity. But if you forget to secure your sales teams’ mobile devices, their connectivity outside the organization can leave your data extremely vulnerable.

Effective cybersecurity requires all members of your organization to work as a team. Don’t let your employees be the weakest link in your cybersecurity procedures. Educating and training them can turn them into your greatest resource.

Schedule a Security Training with us today. Send us a message or give us a call. Let us help you make your company more secure from cyber-attacks.

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