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If you are one of those people who use weak passwords and reuse them on various websites, there is a solution for you.

A password manager allows you to use strong and unique passwords on all the websites that you frequent.

They store your login information for all websites you use and help you log in to them automatically.

All you need to remember is a master password which is what they use to encrypt your password database.

Reusing passwords is a serious issue due to the many password leaks that happen every year, even on large and secure websites.

Imagine what would happen if your password leaks and malicious individuals get a hold of your login information they can try on websites you use.

If you have the same login information on all sites you visit, a leak from one website can result in dire consequences. People can access all your accounts and do as they please.

It’s easy for these criminals to use password reset links and lock you out. What if they get access to your Paypal or banking account?

To avoid this occurrence, you need to use unique passwords on every website. You also need to make sure that these passwords are not only unique but strong passwords that contain long unpredictable words with numbers and symbols.

The average person has more than a handful of passwords and remembering all of them is nearly impossible.

It’s a good thing password managers were created to solve this dilemma.

The Benefits of Password Managers for Security Purposes

A password manager is heaven sent especially for the web geek who has hundreds of accounts to keep track of.

You don’t need superhuman brainpower to remember all your passwords and the websites you use them on.

A password manager is a convenient and secure way of visiting a password-protected site.

All you need to do is log in as usual and type your master password into your password manager.

The login information will be filled in automatically, you don’t have to remember what username or email address you used for a specific website.

Everything is handled by your password manager.

When you are creating a new account, your password manager will generate a secure and random password for you, you can also configure to fill in log-in information into web forms.

If you think that web-based password managers are secure, think again.

While Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer have password managers built-in, they are not encrypted.

People can access the password files on your computer and view them. You need to encrypt your computer’s hard drive for more security.

A dedicated password manager like Bitwarden will store your passwords in an encrypted form, help you come up with secure random passwords, and allow you to access your passwords across all your devices.

Use Bitwarden to Secure Your Passwords

Now that we know the importance of using password managers, there are still issues like giving away your information to a third party or having a service that works only for your desktop.

Our digital life spans many devices, so a local password manager service won’t work.

Besides, can you really trust the provider you are handing over your most sensitive information to?

This is where Bitwarden comes in. It is an open-source password manager that you can host in your own environment whether on location or in the cloud.

Compared to 1Password or LastPass, you can choose where your Bitwarden server is hosted and how it is secured.

Being open-source, Bitwarden gives the ultimate in security since there are no backdoors in the application.

BitWarden has auto-fill options for major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi.

You also get a desktop app that can access your passwords for Mac, Windows, Linux, and a mobile app for Android and iOS.

The best way to deploy BitWarden is via a Docker stack on a Linux or Windows server.

If you need help with setting up your BitWarden software, our infrastructure architects can handle the job for you.

We can harden your server, configure HTTPS, and set up regular backups for the MS SQL database that BitWarden relies on.

Enjoying a fantastic open-source password manager like BitWarden should not be complicated.

Get in touch with our experts today and we’ll give you a hand with your setup.

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