Security Benchmark: Is Your Business Secure

Your data is one commodity you should carefully secure to avoid mishaps of any kind. Measures should be taken to ensure business continuity. Recovering from a security breach can take a while, and you could easily end up losing your clients to your competitor.

To ensure your business is secure, not only regarding physical assets but also regarding any information acquired and stored for analysis, you require standard security measures.

Data is very important to any business. It helps in calculating your growth rate, making plans for the business and even helps investors looking to invest once they know the ROI of the business they are joining. Using the right tools to collect this data makes the process easier and less tasking.

Here are a few tips to ensure maximum security and to reduce the risk of important information getting into the wrong hands.

Identify Issues

Your employees’ digital habits may not be the most secure. This can make your business susceptible to security threats. Downloading attachments that have not been scanned for viruses is one common way to get attacked.

Malware could easily be planted into your software allowing for intruders to access your data and get any information they need.

Clear Procedures

Policies should state the procedures for business security. There is the physical security of assets protecting them from unauthorized access.

Training employees on matter security are also essential. This will help with authorization and accountability where accounts are created and revoked for users in the organization.

Conduct risk assessment tests to assess the potential threats to your data.

Data Security

Hire the right people to secure your data and the systems in your business. A reliable security team will ensure disaster recovery takes place in the shortest time frame possible thus ensuring minimal losses are incurred.

A designated security officer is an important addition to ensure all is well regarding security measures implemented.

Antivirus Software

Use antivirus and malware software that comes highly recommended and ensure the updates are automatic and regular. The viruses keep getting tougher, and the software needs to as well to effectively fight them.

Use business versions of this software as they allow the administrator to enforce proper policies.

Data Encryption

Encrypting all data used in business is not only for selected businesses but is recommended for all kinds of businesses. When data is being backed up, data encryption is important to prevent theft, profit loss and loss of credibility.

Data backup on cloud-based platforms is easily susceptible to security attacks and therefore requires high-level encryption.

Password Protection

Most organizations allow for a Bring your Device (BYOD) kind of work environment which is ideal but also presents a great security threat. It is therefore recommended that all devices used in the business be password protected. These passwords should not be shared or re-used.

Using a password manager tool is ideal to help with managing all passwords in the business.

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