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A Lawyer’s Guide To mitigateing Technology Headaches

Technology Helps You Carry Out Essential Tasks, Exercise Professional Judgment, Engage With And Represent Clients, Provide Advice And Settle Key Commercial Dealings. If You View Technology As An Opportunity Rather Than A Threat, Your Firm Will Prosper.

T-related emergencies can strike at any time, whether it’s a malware attack, natural disaster or system crash. That’s why you need your own insurance to protect your IT against a range of disasters. The right disaster recovery plan can help you ensure that your business can continue to accomplish work, maintain compliance and keep unproductive downtime at a minimum.

Downtime, compromised data, security breaches, and slow-running technology cause big headaches for today’s attorneys. After all, time is money, especially if you work under a billable-hours system.

You can’t afford to sit idle when technology doesn’t work. If your competitors use today’s more efficient IT solutions, they’ll blow right past you and take your clients away. Or worse, your counterparts will win your cases, and your reputation will suffer.

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