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Discover how an Open Source ERP by Pegas can help your company improve efficiency, increase sales, increase customer satisfaction, improve reporting and gain insight into your data. Outperform your competitors with custom open source Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) Software.

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ERPNext An Open Source ERP

Accelerate your growth through a modular and scalable approach

Using open source software has seen a huge increase in coverage the last few year. IT allows business attain enterprise level software without the cost of a license. Open source ERP systems are no exception to this, ERPNext is a mature product that is able to address any complex business’s needs.

Discover how ERPNext can increase your efficiency and why it can be best for your business to select an open source ERP.

An Agile ERP To Fit Your Needs

We offer an easy to customize a solution that will allow you to adjust and grow rapidly, allowing you to take advantage and give you a competence edge in evolving markets. ERPNext is fully configurable and customizable, easily adjusting to your business processes and procedures while avoiding the high cost of development and licenses.

Save on the cost of license costs

Being an open source ERP there is no license cost in obtaining and customizing the software. You can find the code on GitHub. This allows you to adopt the software enterprise-wide vs a single department. Using ERPNext gives your business a lower total cost of ownership of leveraging the software for your business.

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What Is Open Source Software?

This is software that publishes their source code publicly, freely accessible to anyone. The software can be studied, modified and distributed, often free of charge. ERPNext is licensed under the GNU GPL license, which allows for you to distribute and modify the code, providing that you publish the code that the same license and that you keep the copyright intact.

A longtime ERP solution for your Business

By using open source software, you have complete access to the source code and remain on control of your ERP lifecycle. Being based on open source technology the software allows for your business to be sustainable over the long term. We plan to always be here but open source software allows you to be in control of your own future and not based on any decision we make. We offer a large ecosystem and community of developers and end-users.

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