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Why You Need to Train Employees on Cybersecurity
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As cybercrimes continue to rise, businesses should level up when it comes to their cybersecurity measures. It is no surprise that companies are invested in cybersecurity since hackers are now smarter and also use the latest technologies to accomplish their devious schemes.

A huge amount of data and money are lost to cybercrimes yearly, and the risks are increasing at an alarming rate. Data from Gartner shows that global spending o cybersecurity would hit $170.4 billion by 2022.

With 68% of the global business leaders realizing the risk of cyber attacks, the need for cybersecurity measures is now one of the top priorities for large and small companies alike. The office environment is one of the most vulnerable places where cyberattacks can take place. Since the pandemic, more workers are now working from home, posing a greater challenge to ensure that employees are secure while working remotely. Here are the best ways on how your employees can reduce the potential of cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity Tips for Employees

Nobody wants to wake up one day and discover that all your files, bank accounts, and confidential data have been compromised. In this day and age, cybercrimes are growing rapidly; no company is immune, not even small businesses.

Firewall and Anti-Virus Protection

Investing in the best anti-virus software is a good step against fighting malicious attacks. The software can block malware and other viruses that aim to compromise your device and steal your valuable data. Choose only the best AV software from trusted developers and run only one AV tool on your device at a time.

Putting up a firewall is another layer of security you can add while working remotely. It can help filter viruses, hackers, and other attacks that try to penetrate the internet. Mac OS and Windows come with default firewalls installed. Add more security by configuring your router to avoid attacks on your network.

Use Multiple Authentication

Multiple authentications use an extra layer of security to the standard password of identification. The traditional way uses your username and password only, while the multi-step authentication adds another layer aside from your passwords like a pin code, security question, or fingerprint scanning.

Protect Your Devices

One of the methods used by cybercriminals today is the theft of important devices like phones, notebooks, laptops, and tablets. Once stolen, hackers can get valuable information stored on these devices and use it for criminal purposes.

Keeping your devices safe from theft is a best practice to follow for all companies, whether big or small. Employees should always keep an eye on their devices and use passwords to log in.

Avoid Malware from Ads and Phishing Scams

Employees access their social media accounts or personal email through your network. They should be trained not to click on any attachment or link on a website that hides malicious code within the ad. Cyber attackers have been developing scamming techniques through fake websites, and Facebook pages and many have fallen for these scams. Employees should only browse websites that they trust. They should be careful to download files from unknown sources.

Additional Reminders

Here are some common mistakes employees make while in the workplace. These should be avoided at all costs to mitigate a cyber attack:

  • Leaving USB drives or devices out in the open
  • Writing down usernames and passwords on paper and leaving them on your desk
  • Not locking cabinets and drawers
  • Leaving credit cards out in the open
  • Not securing confidential files and papers

Prevent Cyberattacks through Updated Cybersecurity Training

Most businesses rely on basic security practices like password managers, security software, and encryption. Hackers use the latest technology in committing their crimes, so you need a high level of security to protect your organization. Chances are, once you’ve been hacked, hackers will continue to attack your organization. You’ll be surprised that some if not all your employees don’t know that clicking links in phishing emails, using weak passwords, opening attachments from people you don’t know can open a breach where hackers can penetrate your system.

Effective cybersecurity requires all members of your organization to work as a team. Don’t let your employees be the weakest link in your cybersecurity procedures. Educating and training them can turn them into your greatest resource. Schedule a Security Training with us today. Could you send us a message or give us a call? Let us help you make your company more secure from cyber-attacks.

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