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In the modern business worlds it almost unheard of for a business not to have computers, whether it’s a construction company or a Law firm. Whenever a business has many computer computers and devices, they are almost always managed network (LAN). These networks may become more or less advanced and therefore pretty much costly.

Companies invest so much (in terms of both time and money) in a LAN because there are many advantages that a network brings to a business and how it is managed. Some businesses use a local networks in such a way they may become highly dependent on a high uptime. If the company’s network fails, then you may see all the employees chatting away in the corridors because they can’t do their work. This creates big deficits for the business and causes pressures on the employees. All ongoing companies must consider their LAN a vital asset and downtime must be avoided. This imposes huge needs on the IT personnel to keep the networks working almost 100% of the time.

The Benefits Of Computer Network Management

One of the main advantages of installing and maintaining LANs create the opportunity for better communication and collaboration between employees and customers. Network security is effective because it offers a central and safe strategy for data disaster and access recovery. All given information is protected by the design and implementation of the network security solution. On the other hand, interconnecting computers in geographic area systems creates a security risk, since doing so makes it officially easy for intruders to gain access to many machines on the network at once.

Installing a local network can be expensive task. Servers, cabling, switches, routers and software can all be costly and should never be purchased without expert advice. Keeping the networking operating and secure takes a lot of resources and can be costly also.

Surprisingly, a local area network may bring a high amount of cost savings. Sharing resources avoids the need to purchase equipment for each individual. Even more important is the security that a geographic area network can offer. Data loss could cost a business a great deal of money and perhaps, cause the business to shutdown altogether. Computer Network Management should require a consistent regular for data backups with regular checkups of data quality – a practice that will save a business huge sums in case of a mishap.

Computer Network Management: Analysis Phases

The first phase of network infrastructure is to determine the way to obtain the problem (a preliminary study that checks several options of differing scope may be useful here) and defining specification of requirements. As a Maine IT Service provider, we look at your business. How many employees do you have? How many will you have a year from now? It is more cost effective to plan ahead.

Computer Network Management: Design Phase

The goal of the design phase is to standardize how certain requirements of the specification should be met. The current method of large, complex tasks is to break them down into smaller, more workable subprojects.

Computer Network Management: Execution Phase

This phase involves the physical installation of the local area network. To builds the infrastructure we run cables, servers, switched, routers, firewall, etc. Software solutions are deployed, and computers and other hardware are put in place.

Computer Network Management: Operation And Maintenance

Local area networks have complex operating routines. This is because there may be serious consequences when faults unauthorized or occur people gain access to the system. Many companies have employees devoted to care for running and maintaining computer networks solely. These system administrators may deal with network issues such as performance, security and dependability of both hardware and software.

Computer Network Management: Tools

Although a business might have computer administrators on site, they need to also monitor the network more than eight hours each day. In fact, some of the worst trouble that arises with networks can happen at night time hours when no one is using the network. With the right monitoring tools, your business can receive the alerts to problems before they happen.  Often times we contact our clients when they have any issues.

Why Choose Pegas

When you start your business, we are there to help. From the start to contracting the network to the daily monitoring and maintenance. We are local to your business and will always take your call no more of the runaround. We would love to help your business become more productive and to solve all of your Information technology needs for your company. Give us a call at (207) 835-4053 to get started today.

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