Five Common IT Mistakes Many Maine Business Make


Maine Entrepreneurs usually aim to improve their networking systems to match their particular organization. They do this through a variety of way. Hiring a dedicated IT staff or a Co-managed service through an MSP (Managed Service Provider) like Pegas Technology Solutions. Although updating is an expensive, time-consuming process, its benefits are tenfold. Even though there are some small size companies that insist on developing a Windows 10 workstation to function as a network server, this decision may eventually lead to a decrease in performance and productivity of the entire IT environment.

Network Consultants and MSP’s should always evaluate your business to recommend a networking/Information Technology solutions that would be the best suit for your business. IT Consultants need to evaluate both hardware and software specifications to guide your organization through the advantages and disadvantages of various networking options that your business may be considering. From a network contacting standpoint, these are five common problems that are either overlooked by businesses or not within the overall planning of the Network System.

1. Disaster Recovery For Computer And Servers

Although entrepreneurs are risk takers, they develop a roadmap for several scenarios. While they will ensure their particular store and items against fireplace, theft, natural calamities, etc ., most of the time they will ignore the need to implement a disaster recovery policy for employee records, employee payroll, and client data. Therefore, a data recovery system should be available to restore normal operation within 24 to 48 hours.

2. Redundancy Of Key Network Equipment And Servers

Although businesses are suggested to maintain a redundant source of power for critical web servers, many entrepreneurs ignore this basic loss prevention methods to save a few hundred dollars. For example, web servers that process consumer credit card transactions aren’t exempted from the probability of failure, and if not backed by a secondary power supply, it may lead to a major economic loss. The point that I am trying to get across is that important network gear should be identified and an alternative plan should be implemented to deliver against unpredicted situations.

3. Network Security, Hardening Server, And Computers

Viruses aren’t strangers to the world of computers and internet. Doing quarterly technology analysis and auditing, we all encounter businesses that have web servers on DMZ without network safety measures like a basic firewall. Just last month I found a mental health agency that hadn’t had a firewall for years. We have noticed instances where employees had full access to the network server working virus inviting programs like Bit Torrent. Most cases, passwords for workstations, web servers, and firewalls, are identical and shared. Solid network security plans are a must and should be implemented especially when business IT system retains confidential details of clients.

4. Desktops And Servers Are Dependent On Network Performance

Most businesses typically focus on making the most of performance and productivity at the lowest cost and what better way to achieve this goal than to minimize the waste of employee time? The speed of the business networks depends on many aspects of basic network security procedures to restricting peer to peer software. You may be surprised, but network system cabling (Cat 5, Cat 6, and Fiber Optics) also make a significant difference in the performance of the entire network.

5. Is Your Infrastructure Expandable

Revamping the networking infrastructure should always be an option for the client. Planning is important, so the business doesn’t have to overhaul a massive portion of their network just to see a slight benefit. The aim should be to minimize dollars spent without limiting the quality of work performed by employees.

Why Choose Pegas

At Pegas Technology Solutions we are dedicated to work with your Maine business and to exceed your expectations. When you work with Pegas you will have access to some of Maine’s top engineers and consultants. We will be able to help you reduce operation cost, improve your efficiency, increase sales, boost your customer satisfaction, and gain meaningful insight into your business. We would love to help your business become more productive and to solve all of your Information technology needs for your company. Give us a call at (207) 835-4053 to get started today.

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