What Is CIA Triad Model And How Does It Help Your Business?

There is no argument over the fact that information security is among the essentials to get the most out of your business. And when it comes to information security, the CIA triad model is certainly one of the best tools at your disposal. As the name suggests, it focuses on the three primary components of achieving true information security for any business. Don’t be confused though; there is some other factors which play a role in determining the situation of information security for a business. However, the three accentuated in the CIA triad are the most prominent ones. The three goals are stated below:

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Integrity
  3. Availability


The primary goal of confidentiality as part of the CIA triad model for information security is to ensure that all files and data are being accessed by the authorized personnel only while the unauthorized access is being blocked and reported to the authorities immediately. This ensures that no one within an organization other than the concerned individual will get their hands on the data which remarkably minimize the overall incidents of data leakage, theft, or misuse. Without confidentiality, the situation of information security for any business is below average.


The goal of integrity as part of the CIA triad is closely linked with the previous one of confidentiality. Integrity means that all of the business data is to be kept intact and secure against unauthorized alterations. The integrity of the business data is ensured when it remains unchanged, accurate, and precise through the process of creation, storage, retrieval, and transmission. While the integrity may be hit due to a faulty information system or some other bugs and errors, the incidents of unauthorized data modification can certainly be reduced if the confidentiality is being ensured.


Last but not the least, the goal of availability as part of the CIA triad model is essential for any business since any amount or nature of information is not valuable for the business if it’s not available where it’s needed and when it’s needed. Availability ensures that information is being provided at the right time and at the right place to help with the strategic planning and implementation of the business. If the authorized personnel fail to access the information on demand, it can lead to unnecessary delays in the overall operations of the business.


Now that you are familiar with what a CIA triad model is and how it helps with the information security of any business, you are in a much better place to understand its importance. Fundamentally speaking, the CIA triad model deals with the basics of information security, but without it, the state of information security is ridiculous. The good thing though, it is relatively convenient to implement the CIA triad model for your business in hopes of keeping the information security in its pristine condition. So what are you waiting for? Take a little bit of time and focus on implementing the CIA triad model for your business. Rest assured, you won’t be disappointed in the outcome.

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