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Some Common Misconceptions About Managed IT Services
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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the rise of Managed IT Services. As more and more companies are working remotely or shifting to the cloud, the demand for outsourced IT has risen since the pandemic started. The reliance on technology for today’s businesses is a given. The problem most small and medium enterprises face is the high cost of technology and the people who run and maintain them.

It’s a good thing that MSPs or Managed Service Providers are around to solve the situation. An MSP is a third-party contractor that provides IT services for a monthly fee.  Despite the rise in MSPs worldwide, some business owners still believe in certain misconceptions about the concept. We are here to debunk every myth or misconception that people may have about Managed IT Services.

Managed Services Cost an Arm and a Leg

Cost is a major concern for any business, whether big or small. In the past, companies have relied on internal IT sources like servers, workstations, and networking infrastructure to deploy their IT. The cost of purchasing, installing, maintaining, and upgrading is so expensive, coupled with the cost of hiring the right experts to keep them in tip-top shape. A Managed Service may reduce or eliminate the need to invest in costly hardware and equipment.

Clients believe in the myth that outsourcing their IT needs will cost them an arm and a leg. The opposite is true; when you outsource your IT, you don’t have to spend on outrageous upfront costs for IT hardware and equipment.

You also have the option of letting your MSP handle all of your IT or add their services to help your internal IT staff. You can potentially save money in both instances. The prices of MSPs are quite predictable; whether you pay a fixed monthly fee or get charged per user or device, you can imagine how much you pay for.

It Takes a Long Time for MSPs to Respond to Problems

One of the reasons why companies hire MSPs is for the quick resolution of IT problems. With an in-house IT staff, your team can respond immediately to issues since they are onsite. An MSP can take a little longer since they would be coming from outside your premises.

This doesn’t mean that it will take a long time for your IT contractor to respond. If your issue requires top priority, your MSP can move you to the top of the list of high-priority tasks. If you experience a server crash, you will take precedence over other clients with minor issues like printer malfunctions or desktop issues.

There are times when your internal staff doesn’t have the experience of solving the issues, which means that having people on site is not always a faster way of fixing IT problems.

Managed Services are Not Secure

There are business owners who believe that on-site data centers are more secure than off-site cloud systems. On the contrary, security breaches are more likely to occur in on-site premises versus public clouds due to more vulnerable security measures. There is no way to guarantee 100% security in any system, but security is a top priority with an MSP.

You can have peace of mind that your data is secure with the latest encryption security in place. It’s sad to note that 58% of businesses aren’t ready for a substantial data loss. An MSP can provide backup systems that can access older versions of files if a current version is lost or corrupted.

The Transition to MSPs are Difficult

Transitioning to any new company-wide system is hard at first, but MSP can make the change seamless with minimal disruption to the current workflow. Developing your own internal IT infrastructure is more difficult and expensive compared to outsourcing your IT tasks.

If your in-house team lacks the knowledge and experience, delays will occur, and costs will increase further. An MSP has a team of experienced professionals who can get the job done efficiently and correctly the first time.

Managed Services are Inferior to Internal IT

Companies that have relied on their internal IT teams worry about the quality of service their MSP can provide. Good MSPs have engineers who can solve IT problems remotely or on-site. Solving issues remotely will be faster than waiting for a technician to arrive on-site. In most cases, an MSP technician is more experienced and skilled than their in-house IT staff counterparts.

Interested in Managed IT Services?

Now that we’ve refuted the myths about MSPs, it may be time for you to consider outsourcing your IT. Thousands of small and medium companies have benefited from MSPs.

Pegas Technology Solutions can provide the best IT services for you at the best prices. Get to know more about our packages and how we can help you boost your IT to the next level. Give us a call or send us a message on our website today.

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