Security Predictions For SMBs In 2017

Technology is rapidly evolving and so are security threats to these digital systems being used in businesses. New technologies are being implemented to counter such attacks and to improve on security measures.

Businesses will need to pay attention to the security threats that have negative consequences.


Biometric security is becoming a standard for most devices. Mobile devices running on IOS have fingerprint recognition. Banks use voice or retina identification to allow access to secure data. This has however been determined to be a not so secure method. High-resolution images and voice recognition can deceive retinal scans can be deceived by high-quality recordings as well.

As the technologies evolve to improve security, the threats to security also evolve. Biometric hacking in 2017 will fast become a trend.


Ransom worms used to be designed to target a certain organization to obtain information from them specifically. However, with time, new ransomware has been designed to duplicate itself further giving it a much larger target than before. This even allows for hackers to duplicate it and modify it to their liking.

Cloud-Based Storage

Cloud storage has become a convenient means of data backup for most businesses. This has been adopted at such a high rate. The ability to communicate and access data from any corner of the planet has made this a convenient infrastructure for use by businesses. It has also reduced costs incurred by most organizations which makes it ideal. This makes them a prime target for hackers. The benefits of the cloud can make businesses underestimate the risks and could result in increased hackings and data loss in 2017.

This can be used as an attack surface, and a platform for building malware used to attack other networks.

Cyber Security

SMBs will have to realize soon enough that data protection and encryption is essential to the organization’s operations. This means that they will have to hire managed security service providers to handle cybersecurity issues for the business. Small businesses start off with small IT teams to handle their data storage and encryption but will eventually have to look to professionally managed services for their security needs.


More and more gadgets are now online; ranging from domestic appliances to communication gadgets used daily. They may be convenient for their use but are also prone to security attacks as well. Attackers can take advantage of the default settings on normal gadgets such as cameras and turn them into weapons. Each new gadget produced presents a new target for attack. New attack methods will fast be developed this year.

Mobile Usage

Mobile devices constitute the largest internet usage in most parts of the world. This means cybercriminals will have a field day exploiting all these users. Security weaknesses in mobile operating systems through the apps and browsers will be prone to targeted attacks especially in businesses which allow for employees to bring their own devices. Business critical data should be isolated to reduce security threats to said businesses.

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