How To Effectively Utilize The Proactive Network Approach

The concern over cyber threats have risen over the last couple of years, and rightly so. Cybercrime is a rising multi-billion dollar business, and people get into it for various reasons.  Companies, organizations and huge corporations stand a high risk of facing major network breaches that could lead to potential damage. When I say potential damage here, I am alluding to the loss of important company information, and so forth,  that may harm or destroy your company.

Sure, continual technological advances help in the fight against cybercrime. However, as technological tools of protection advance, so do the methods of hackers and cybercriminals. That is why it is imperative to invest and put in place safety and protective measures for your company. How can we go about protecting our company’s from a network breach? Let us look at some tips.

Proactive Versus Reactive

There are two approaches that you can use to protect your company’s network. Most companies and big corporations, unfortunately, opt for the reactive network approach. The reactive network approach builds a wall to keep any potential threats out. However, if any breaches were to occur, the company will not be notified of it. Hence, the potential damage will probably be irreversible by the time the breach is realized.

The proactive network approach is the recommended and goes a long way in protecting your company’s data and important information. Unlike the reactive network approach, this approach works to prevent and neutralize any form of breach either network host based or. This type of network approach actively observes and watches for any form of malpractice that could potentially harm your network, and deal with it immediately.

Tips Of Implementing And Utilizing The Proactive Network Approach

Simply having the Proactive Network Approach in place does not mean that you are completely Network breach-proof. I say this because not only does the Proactive Network Approach monitor potential harm, it also notifies you of them. Hence, some work and effort that is required from your end. Here are a few tips that you can put in place to fully utilize the proactive Network Approach.

Craft A Safe Oriented Work Culture

Protecting the entire company or organization from network breaches will require effort not only from you as the head but the employees as well. Training them on what practices can keep cyber threats at bay are paramount to an effective system. Train them on the following:

  • Use of passwords: Ensure that your employees craft passwords that are less prone to be taken advantage of. Or simply just have them come up with passwords that are will not make it easy for cybercriminals to guess or hack into.

Egress Filtering

Egress filtering makes you more aware of the traffic in your network. It also gives you greater control over the traffic leaving your network or trying to access your network. Having egress filtering in place will help keep various cyber attacks at bay.

Enhancing the Monitoring Protocols in Place

This involves the keen observance of the traffic visiting and leaving your site. It is more or less like egress filtering. This will help you know what kind of people are visiting your network, and why.

There are tools available to help organizations scan their internal network systems against potential attacks. For example, tools such as vulnerability scanners that are designed to examine and identify the points of weakness of a network. Moreover, they also let you know what type of measures you should take and how effective they will be.

Implementing Effective Policies

These policies should not only be implemented for employees to follow within the company or organization; it should also govern the traffic that visits and leaves your site. These are the policies or statements of agreement that have to be read and agreed upon before allowing access to your network.

This could help minimize potential threats to a great extent, and help your company function properly.

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