How Refurbished Laptops can save your Maine Business Money


Today you have a problem; your workers need to have the mobile computing power, but as a small business owner you must watch every penny.

The most recent business offerings from the brand manufacturers are good, but you need to buy ten laptops and buying all at one time might put you over budget. Financing is an option, but do you want to add another line item to the “accounts payable” portion of the balance sheet? Refurbished laptops could be the answer for you.

Technology Is Changing Rapidly

There’s always some new technology coming out to make you believe that you’re missing out if you don’t choose the latest and greatest thing out there. However, Fortune 500 companies have recognized that they don’t need to refresh their technology as much as they thought, and are sometimes working on the 5-year upgrade cycle.

This “used” equipment is then factory refurbished – often by the product manufacturer and resold on a variety of marketplaces. Small business owners such as yourself can buy a 2-3-year-old laptop that once cost $1000 significantly less than $400.00 – as in the case of the dell latitude e6440.

Already Battle Tested

The great thing about these laptops is that they’re battle tested already. If they worked in a Fortune 500 corporate environment, you know they’ll work well for you. They have been created for the flexibilities of business, and will most likely work very well for you. Save your budget and balance sheet and have a second take a look at refurbished laptops.

Don’t Forget The Additional Warranty

As a little business owner, you’re asking the ultimate question. Imagine if something breaks? These are at the end of the day “used” machines in the end. Imagine if I informed you that for as little as $59.00 you can get a protracted warranty that will cover all major parts of your laptop just like the original manufacturer’s warranty. This addresses all major components, motherboard, RAM, Hard Drive, etc.… the purchase price is equally realistic for two and three calendar year guarantees.

Why Choose Pegas

Here at Pegas Technology Solutions, we dedicated to working with business in Maine, to exceed your expectations with all of your information technology needs. By hiring some of the best IT consultants in the state. Business customers that require buying almost monthly thanks to expanding procedures and increased workforce often use business class refurbished laptops. One customer recently mentioned that the refurbished laptops endure longer than their new purchases and save them valuable capital. So if you’re in the market to save some cash for your small business, don’t overlook refurbished laptops as a good business decision. Give us a call at (207) 835-4053 to get started today.

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