FreeIPA a Linux Directory Server

FreeIPA is one of the best security information management solution that is available in the market. It combines different systems such as 389 directory servers, MIT Kerberos, NTP, DNS, Linux (Fedora) and Dogtag to give you the best possible services. The whole system consists of the web interface and a command line tool designed specifically for administration purposes. FreeIPA has been designed specifically for Linus and UNIX based networked environments. By storing different information such as the data about users, hosts and groups the FreeIPA makes sure that a centralized authorization and authentication system is made which keeps into account all the security aspects of the system. One of the most important thing about FreeIPA that must be mentioned is that it is completely open source. It is built on top of well-known components and standard protocols that make sure that everyone can contribute towards the constant growth of the system. Most of the focus of FreeIPA developers is on the automation of installation, management, and ease of management.

Features and Benefits:

  1. One of the best features if FreeIPA is that it is Open which means the information is not held back but it is instead made available to different applications and vendors, but one thing that must be kept in mind is that these data transactions are done legally and are always documented in detail.
  2. The security information solution provided by FreeIPA are fully integrated using a combination of several different platforms such as Linus, MIT Kerberos, SSSD,
  3. Another great feature of FreeIPA is that it is Built on top of well-known Open Source components and standard protocols. This means developing open source solutions and an open source community.
  4. FreeIPA is a fine resource as it emphasized on the convenience of management as well as automation of installation and configuration tasks. All these features combine to give you a perfect security platform.
  5. FreeIPA gives you scalability and higher redundancy by using full multi-master This is one of the most sought-after features of FreeIPA.
  6. Extensible management interfaces and Python SDK is another great feature that Free ISP offers and makes it easier to manage and implement the whole system in any organization.
  7. Interoperability is also a great feature that comes with the usage of FreeIPA. Interoperability means that all the systems that are working for managing or storing different information related to identities, policies, audit reports, must be compatible with the working protocols and systems of the organization.
  8. Manageability is one of the major features of FreeIPA which means that the information managing systems are easy to work with on both central and local level. This manageability also makes things easier for the organization as they can give different level of administrative rights to the different level of people working in the organization.
  9. Another great benefit of using FreeIPA is that you can easily manage Linux based users and clients in your organization from one centralized location. This makes management of the whole system very easy.

Considering the advantages and features of FreeIPA that we have discussed in this article, we strongly recommend you to start using this service. This will not only make the organizational structure of your company more organized but also make it more secure.

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